‘Being Ready’ in Meditation

August 23, 2019 Meditation No Comments

Ready to end it. Ready to fall inside yourself. Ready to ‘go to the other shore.’ The feeling of being ready may lift you out of yourself.

You’re sitting in lotus

or just on a chair. Equally OK.

Even so, you are ready to go and sit in lotus if that would be possible for you and for circumstances.

Very relaxed. You are in meditation.

Meditation is indeed also about being very relaxed. Not as something to take or to get, but as something to do.

You do the deep relaxation. How? By being ready.

Ready for anything. This way, ‘nothing is needed.’ Everything is already there. You can be attentive for the very next moment, each moment again.

You are ready for the next moment, irrespective of what it will bring. There is actually at each moment only the next moment.


that is the moment we live in. Which makes perfect sense. The present moment is already here. We already know what’s already here. It’s the next moment that we need to anticipate.

Take an animal in the wild. Eating or to be eaten depends on what will happen the next moment. An animal that is not ready for this, doesn’t survive.

Now, touch any object in your environment with your finger.

What happens is that your finger ever so gently sways a little bit on its way to the object. Your brain anticipates where it should go next and makes slight corrections to your finger’s path.

You see, your brain lives in the next moment, naturally.


To follow the natural course is to be ready for this.

Back to meditation.

It’s plain logic to follow the most natural way. It is the most spontaneous way. It’s the way most downright into the meditative experience. No resistance needed. No resistance present. Not even the slightest. Everything is OK.

You are ready.

Something happens. A little pain. A little itch. A little noise. A memory. An anticipation.

You are ready.

Ready to be distracted. Ready to come back at any time. Ready to be present. Ready to live your life at any moment.

Do you feel what this can mean to you?

Ready for growth.

Ready for a change while remaining who you are.

You are you. You become more you. Open and respectful.

When the final gong sounds, you are very much ready.


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