Meaningful Reality

May 1, 2021 Meditation, Sociocultural Issues No Comments

This is the reality I would prefer to live in. Even if there were no other, the meaningful one would be OK for me.

It is also the only one I am sure of.

In reality, of course, there are no separate realities. This is about perception and experience ― as is eventually everything.

Something is meaningful to me; therefore, it exists.

And by the way, I exist too. How otherwise could it be meaningful to me?

My thinking might not be what I think it to be. Maybe I’m being thought? But if something is meaningful, then I don’t care. Only here lies the difference. In any possible circumstance, it keeps being meaningful. So, that is the only thing I’m sure of.

That is, of course, not the same as discarding any other reality, not even the one we know nothing about. [see: “What is Ultimate Truth?”] It’s about validating something, not about denigrating something else.

One can look at things and see things ― or one can see meaningfulness.

For instance, I can listen to some beautiful music and deeply enjoy it. Then I open myself to its meaningfulness and find in this another dimension.

This world is incomprehensibly beautiful ― in meaningfulness.

What I am describing now is a meditative lifestyle. I’m not saying this is what everybody should strive towards. I’m not saying this is the ideal.

I’m just describing something of me.

It strikes me that few others get what I mean if I describe this part of me. It seems to be statistically abnormal.

But I don’t feel abnormal for this, at least not in a negative sense.

Opening myself

I imagine it happens, one way or another, and then it happens.

I can do that at any time ― well, mostly. The only time I kind-a lost it was during a few weeks after my second COVID shot. I suspect this not to be a coincidence. I was careless.

It’s related to [see: “Slipping into Short Meditation”]

And it’s also related to [see: “Explosion of the Heart”]

It’s also related to meditation in general.

I guess, especially so with an emphasis on [see: “True Meditation is Warm and Friendly”]

It’s not something one can enforce. If you try to do so, I guess it works counter-productive. However, it is something one can strive for in a certain respectful way. [see: “Not the Winning, but the Striving”]

I like the experience of meaningful reality ― profoundly. I also think it’s close to everyone.

Of course, just having meditated for a week can be helpful. [see: “Nightlife at the Zendo“]

Some day, it will be acknowledged as a human right.

From that day onwards, it will even be seen as the most basic human right.

Even more, one person’s meaningfulness should not starkly stand in the way of another’s. Mainly that is why it’s a candidate for being a ‘human right.’ At present, there’s a lot of miscomprehension and misconduct in this between and within social cultures.

What would life be without meaningful reality?

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