Erotic Desire

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This is an idealistic picture, kind of what can be, therefore, not what is or should be. Let’s stay human. Also, let’s desire something more than the usual. You might even attain it.

Erotic desire is the desire to unify profoundly.

Sex may be involved.

Without sex in the strict sense, erotic desire tends to be seen as a sublimation (Freudian term) of sex ― some pitiful alternative for sexual losers. This seemingly fits more to pathology than to something one would meaningfully wish.

In truth, this may be the case. In the same truth, erotic desire is much broader than the sexual part. Shortly put, Eros is more related to Love than to Sex. Even when sex is involved, it derives its energy from this much broader and more powerful source.

Let’s repeat this in some other words for clarity:


As powerful as it may be – including the straightforward use of hormonal springboards – it is little compared to the source it canalizes.

Of course, this does not diminish the importance of sex. On the contrary, as a canalization, it may bring the significance of erotic desire to many bedrooms and more. Additionally, it works like a laser beam, leading to experiences that wouldn’t be possible without it.

Pros and cons of straight-on sex

Because one gets the relevant hardware (the human body, bluntly put) for free, straight-on sex is relatively easy for most people. This is enough for any surface-level purpose ― including the continuation of humanity.

But without underlying layers of meaningfulness, it turns the easy thing into a kind of drug-like, artificial experience. Even this is not a problem by itself, were it not that one can become addicted to such by lack of open access to the power source ― as said, erotic desire.

Eros fully coming forward

At least an entire book is necessary to start describing this.

Without falling into any description, it may be clear that sex can be rather associated or dissociated from eros. If associated, it’s not straight-on sex anymore, but something like a prism that brings additional color, diversity, and ways to enjoy the process while being involved more than ever as a total – including sexual – person. Eros comes forward through this sex that doesn’t stand in the way in any way. Where a solid addiction to sex makes one weaker, this use of eros only makes one stronger ― as it may also do with the involved relationship.

In addition to this, erotic desire may transcend any straight-on sex whatsoever. Of course, the body keeps being involved, but it can be put to good use in many ways.

Art is one of these ways.

Would there be much artful or any other kind of inspiration without erotic desire?

Would there be much beauty?

I don’t think so. So, let’s keep the desire erotic in many forms and colors ― in real depth and respect for anything profoundly human, not as a sublimation but as a firework of joy and creativity, the workings of a Muse.

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