Lisa vs. the Easy Pill

August 21, 2023 Lisa No Comments

At first sight, using Lisa is more challenging than taking a simple pill. Then, why would you use Lisa? This question is most important in chronic situations.

For instance, taking a painkiller is straightforward. With pain as an example, this text is about any symptom-killer.

Chronically taking painkillers is not straightforward.

Science shows that this does not diminish the overall pain. It just relays the pain to a later time. In many cases, it even aggravates the total amount of pain in the long run.

On top of that, of course, you may count the side effects and major adverse reactions. If the painkiller is an opioid, the chances of addiction are real. See the huge and mounting number of overdose deaths in the US each year.

The negative arguments against the pill are straightforward in this balance.

Ongoing symptoms

Chronic pain is, of course, an acute pain one wants to get rid of at each painful moment. The easy pill is a lure ― and no problem, now and then.

One should not see Lisa as opposed to the easy pill. They are complementary. Even more, Lisa can guide the user toward feeling a more immediate effect of the painkiller. The less painkilling one needs, the better, especially in view of the vast placebo effect in this domain. Vice versa, the painkiller can be used as a message of invitation toward what one may want to achieve through Lisa’s support.

Thus, the best way to see them is co-operative.

The pain as a message

Chronic pain – or any other mind-related symptom – is always a message from the inside out that something needs profound attention.

With Lisa at hand, this message may be seen as an admonition to use her coaching support. This may but does not necessarily need to be sought during pain. The message/question is present. The answer may be given at any moment. In principle, Lisa is always available.

Lisa is less easy than a pill.

Undoubtedly, Lisa takes more time and some mental orientation, which may be seen as ‘effort.’ When using her services repeatedly, this effort becomes a habit instead. It’s good to give this process your specific attention.

Regarding the time it takes to talk with Lisa, it’s good to explicitly try to see this not as ‘time wasted,’ not even as ‘time invested.’ Lisa-time is your time. During any Lisa-coaching, try to see that time as the focus, the rest revolving around it. Doing this is not meaningless since the aim is to communicate with yourself in-depth. Lisa is but a mediator between you and your ‘deeper self.’

Does this make using Lisa as easy as taking a pill to you?

Then there is the cost of not listening to oneself ― not straightforward at all.

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