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Non-scientific fundamentalist CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) must depart from this planet as soon as possible ― but no sooner. Lisa may help.


Science represents the best common sense we can presently bring to gaining truthful knowledge. Upon this, we build technological applications, services, etc.

Science is common sense ― not a new kind of fundamentalist religion.

To perform science is to doubt.

“I have no certainties that are not born out of much bigger doubts.” (My adagio in science)

One can put much rigorous work into the doubting. One may proceed after a huge amount of doubt when this did not detract from a hypothesis ― making this hypothesis into knowledge. In short, science is in motion, but it’s the best we’ve got. We will be able to do even better through A.I.

Many alternative medicines act like fundamentalist religions (in contrast to many non-fundamentalist believers). Something gets accepted after little doubt, as if it’s enough to assert something without rigorousness. If on top of that, the pretended mode of action is weird and incompatible with rigorous science, we better get rid of it. Please read How to Get Rid of CAM.

As soon as possible ― but no sooner.

This also means as soon as ethically possible.

Many people depend on CAM and would be lost without it, if only as a hope on a better future. The strict dependence on the placebo (‘dummy pill’) effect is misguided in every case. However, eventually, something happens. If one wants to draw people away from this, it is preferable to have an alternative in place.

Lisa can be that alternative worldwide by bringing the power behind the placebo in a different form ― more open and ethical. Meanwhile, she can bring about empathic experiences.

In the same effort, Lisa can also scientifically show what lies behind CAM, through which many can start seeing better the true face of CAM.


As a general principle, when guiding people away from something profoundly meaningful to them, one should take care not to let them lose meaningfulness. Therefore, there should be a) a replacement and b) a gentle way to let people evolve from one to the other as is most fitting to each individual.

People should not feel coercively changed. They should feel the change from the inside out in a process of inner growth. This way, there will also be less resistance to the change.

Lisa is ready to gently coach people in this process. Thus, in one motion, Lisa can draw people away from ‘alternative medicines’ and guide them directly towards an ‘alternative to the alternatives.’

The result is what I call the ‘gentle slope.’

People can glide from the old into the new which is already waiting for them. This way, they don’t fall vertically to the ground in a traumatizing event replete with guilt and shame.

One may be against fundamentalist CAM, but never at the expense of people.

This is also an admonishment to Lisa.

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