Tinnitus: Listening to Your Noise – What Does it Tell You?

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Of course, it is your noise, by definition, since it’s not generated in the environment outside you. But it can be even more yours than just through this. Good news, since this leads to possible management from inside out.

►►► WHY read this? An increasing number of people are suffering without satisfactory treatment at present, nor at bay.◄◄◄

There may be a clearly physical cause for tinnitus.

Please, let it be properly investigated.

You already did, to no avail? Then this blog may be important to you.

Many so-called ‘treatments.’

I don’t want to burden you with another one. This blog may bring some insight. If you follow me in this, let it sink in even further. You can take your time. No hurry. No fighting. No argumentation even. Those things don’t help. On the contrary.

But if you stay convinced that this may help you, you can find at the bottom of this blog a link to further support aligned to this. It doesn’t need to cost you anything.

What you do need is to be prepared for a slightly self-critical stance.

“Listening to your noise” (or what you call tinnitus). This phrase connotes that you generate it.


Are you your ears? Are you your auditory nerves? Are you your brain?

You have already thought about such questions, I’m sure. Please, now, think a bit more. Who are you? Might you be a ghost anywhere apart from your body, your brain?

If you think to be such a ghost, then the rest of this blog is not your thing. It might be just a waste of time.

If you have the insight of mind-body-unity, then please read on.

There is a lot to be said from this standpoint as to tinnitus and many other domains. [see: “Mind-Body Column – Intro“] This makes it all not just a hypothesis about tinnitus. It’s about a pending revolution in healthcare and, indeed, everything related to the human mind in the broadest sense.

Physically, the mind is not restricted to the brain, although neural and mental patterns largely coincide. They are, succinctly put, two viewpoints upon the same patterns, not one causing the other. [see: “Your Mind-Brain, a Giant Pattern Recognizer“]

The mind is broader than the brain. One’s whole body acts as a unity. Yes, even the ears and the auditory nerves. Impulses are going back and forth continuously.

This gives a better view of ‘listening to your noise.’

The noise is indeed profoundly yours. It doesn’t come from outside you. It is you. Are you listening? I warned you about being prepared for a slightly self-critical stance.

You generate the tinnitus because the tinnitus’s causation has an essential meaning to you, one way or another, as a mind-body-unity. Not therefore the tinnitus itself, of course. You can see that as a little child clamoring for attention. The goal is not the clamoring but the attention.

In principle, and even more with proper support, the child can get a very different kind of attention, through which the clamoring is not needed anymore.

But you need to learn to listen to the child. It may be hidden very well. It may not like to come forward unless it is treated with the utmost kindness.

Beating its clamor is not the friendliness it is waiting for. This way, it will go on and on…

and on. You know the feeling.

In-depth listening to the child itself – no clamoring needed – is a very different way of handling the issue.

I promised you the next step. It’s on this same website. You find it at https://aurelis.org/domains/chronic-tinnitus.

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