Chronic tinnitus

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A problem of attention

Tinnitus is, apart from the strictly medical causes, mainly a problem of attention. Whoever is not burdened by tinnitus can, simply by paying attention to it, nevertheless observe some tinnitus. If he or she would ‘practise’ on it, the tinnitus would even increase more and more. Superficial isolated attention therefore always makes the symptom worse. The problem in the case of someone with serious tinnitus is that the attention is automatically drawn to it. In addition to this the anticipation of a tinnitus that once occurred in a certain situation quickly brings this back in the same or a comparable situation. A vicious circle is quickly made.

Proportional to level of fear

If tinnitus is present, then it is directly proportional to the level of fear (general fear, fear of deafness). This too, is partly related to attention. The fear causes a nervous attention: is it still there? Doesn't it increase?.

Promoting spontaneous healing with AURELIS

Tinnitus is a frequent complaint that often spontaneously diminishes with time. It is generally not a symptom of a serious disorder. After a thorough medical examination, you can use AURELIS to promote spontaneous healing. Even if you have been burdened by it longer (possibly many years), this can bring a diminishment or even a complete disappearance of the symptom.

Together with other simple measures

Another simple measure that you should think of, is stopping cafeine and nicotine use. A regular good relaxation is of course important too.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Direct suggestions
    These are direct suggestions of disappearance, diminishment, and lengthening of intervals. The learning of control over the tinnitus is also taken into consideration: both increase, decrease and a change in aspect.
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  • Distracting attention
    You let your attention circulate inside your body. When you feel your attention go astray, you move your focus and your attention stays away fom the tinnitus. You can practice this according to your progress.
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  • Tinnitus is like a mist that slowly disappears
    You imagine your tinnitus as a kind of auditive mist. You effectively imagine this as mist and let the sun shine and results in the mist slowly disappearing. You can also stand in the mist and let it act upon you in a relaxing way.
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  • Tinnitus slowly becomes pulsating
    Your tinnitus slowly becomes more pulsating. Perhaps it resembles a jellyfish that regularly contracts and relaxes, and as a result of this progresses, slowly disappearing from your sight.
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  • Tearing more and more bits from your tinnitus
    In your imagination, you tear more pieces from your tinnitus. You examine such a bit and see that it dissolves in the surroundings. Each time this happens, you know the tinnitus has less hold over you.
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Scientific References
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