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Looking into my crystal ball, I see many changes coming gradually from the future towards psychotherapy and psychotherapists. One thing is for sure: It will be exciting.

See also Aurelis Coaching Institute.

I write this text from an AURELIS/Lisa standpoint. My crystal ball is nice to me. It shows me the future in these terms, so I acknowledge. [see: ” AURELIS in Healthcare Context“]

Psychotherapy, in a narrow sense, exists for a bit more than a century. In a broad sense, it’s probably as old as humanity. Into the future, it will last at least as long as humanity. I can only describe my idea about a small part of this future.

May it be that this small part is the basis for forever?

The domain

Lisa may take some of the work that psychotherapists are doing now.

I don’t think psychotherapists will have less work through this. People will still feel a need to visit a human coach/therapist:

  • for the same reasons as they do now. They want to talk about their mental problems with a human professional. They may or may not talk to Lisa during the same period.
  • for a panoply of additional problems, mainly in the domain of psycho-somatics. Lisa will open up these problem fields for the talking therapies.
  • for ‘human growth.’ This vast domain encompasses spirituality in the broadest sense.

AURELIS chooses for science since it is the only way towards a worthy future.


Talking therapy, as a matter of fact.

Within AURELIS, this is possible on-screen, using an agenda, online payments, automatic handling.

The talking therapy is by preference congruent with the following.

AURELIS coaching philosophy

This is explained in books and many blog texts. It is compatible with any theory and method. At the same time, it is distinct and quite radical in purpose.

There are several AURELIS coaching-techniques. These are all oriented towards the coach, not the coachee. The goal is to invite and support the coach in being-there, present as a total person for the coachee as a total person.

We call it ‘Compassion.’ If you put this on top of a mountain, of course, there are many paths towards this top. The AURELIS path is one of them. Hopefully, it’s an interesting and attractive one.

The top of this mountain disappears in the clouds. One can always go higher. Any person’s journey never ends. At least from the moment the coachee disappears in the clouds, the only person who can ‘measure the outcome’ is the coachee.

G.I.M.O. is interesting in this.

G.I.M.O. stands for Goals – Insights – Motivations – Obstructions. [see: ” G.I.M.O.“] It is an AURELIS instrument to be used at each coaching session as a synopsis and a means of communication. It is essential in showing to coach and coachee alike – in its subjective measure – whether the coaching is going all right. Especially in a follow-up of G.I.M.O.s over several sessions, the level of progress may become evident.

After five sessions, the coach and coachee can each provide an outcome score.

Types of coaches in AURELIS

There may be several types of coaches/therapists, at the user’s choice:

  • Masters in clinical psychology or equally worthy degree ― versus non-masters
  • Coaches who perform only AURELIS type coaching/guidance ― versus those who combine with other methods

The AURELIS organization is responsible for AURELIS-type, University Master’s degree coaches. These are called ‘full AURELIS coaches.’

All coachees can use Lisa, AurelisOnLine sessions, Read&Do workshops.

This makes AURELIS into an integrated environment for the future of coaching/psychotherapy.

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