My People is Everybody

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Without diminishing the “XX (= my people) first,” it explodes the XX. There is no first, principally, thus also no second and no last. No zero-sum ― only abundance.

Please, read first [see: “Compassion, basically“]

One can start from the right of the strongest

and win ― especially in a game made by oneself with winning as the primary goal. ‘Me first’ comes first, and on the road towards that, also ‘own people first.’

At present, the two superpowers of the world appear to be heading in this direction.

Own people first. My people is everybody.

So, again, there is a need for more Compassion, including everybody, including me. [see: “Choosing for Compassion“] If circumstances make it anyhow possible, it’s better not to get ‘me’ being lost in a hardly sustainable kind of altruism. [see: “Altruism – Compassion“]

The basic choice in this

The choice is about who one wants to include as ‘my people.’ In my case, the choice is obvious (everybody) although not straightforward. Being realistic, it cannot be an unfussy choice. Individualistically, there can be much at stake.

In any case, it can be a choice in the long term, to strive for in realistic ways and with realistic means.

Therefore, the basic choice lies deeper. It’s about openness, the willingness to let go of (only) narrow circles, the daring to embrace broader circles ― up to the broadest.

Even less straightforward

It may be easier to focus on world issues than on narrow family matters. In my view, it’s not so much about a certain focus, as about not letting the one stand in the way of the other. Well, even this is not an unfussy choice.

Seeing it as fussy is an excellent first step towards Compassion. At least, that’s one step I took.

One world, one team

It’s a good start ― the end of the beginning. We’re together a bunch of sentient beings on a tiny sphere lost in sheer infinite space. As humanity and more, we can see ourselves as a team [see: “From Group to Team“] on our path towards an uncertain future.

It’s all kind-a relative, isn’t it? We can divide ourselves into sub-sub-groups, but what’s the point, eventually? Looking at it from broad to small, there is no point but self-centeredness.

We can as well be one team with one mission on one planet and even, if the need arises, in one universe. The mission, from AURELIS viewpoint, would then be universal Compassion. [ see: “Worldwide Compassion“]

Anyway, Compassion is really what makes a team, be it of 11 entities or 11 trillion. Note that this does not diminish the worthiness of any of the individual entities.

In an abundance of Compassion

In this, there is an abundance of everything, especially at present. We have sufficient technology to make it so.

For instance, more people means more pollution leading to climate disaster. With a truly Compassionate stance, we may strive for a future of fewer people and less pollution per person. Nobody will be less happy.

That makes for an abundance of happiness. [see: “Compassion towards Happiness“] Of course, there will be pain and anything.

There will also be one happy planet.

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