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This text is about the externals of Compassion ― what it points to, and what it can accomplish.

Please also read about the internals of Compassion: what it is, basically. Compassion is about human depth, but it is also about rationality within this depth. This leads to ancient as well as scientifically new insights and immense implications.

What brings people together, globally

At present, we see growing divides, such as between geopolitical blocks and within individual countries. The near future doesn’t appear to be exempt from this negative evolution. Looking at this in-depth, one can see that all stark divides between people start internally, with inner dissociation. If things don’t get resolved at this level, worldly divides are bound to get stronger. Technological means make this ever more dangerous.

Probably the only thing that can bend this is worldwide Compassion. It can bend humanity toward unification ― a utopia that each of us should strive for within personal limits.

What works in psychotherapy ― and psychosomatics

Psychotherapy works, but not psychotherapeutic methodologies. In this setting, what works boils down to starting from where something can work toward mental change in the first place, which is the reality of human depth. This way, and since rationality is by itself unavoidable to keep any seriousness, we readily fall into Compassion.

Tensions within the psychotherapeutic domain are mounting, with many theories either fighting each other or being intermingled in ways that no science follows or could ever do so. It is a mess in which psychotherapists follow their guts – at best – without clear guiding light at the horizon.

On the other hand, to embrace Compassion deeply and rationally, one needs to turn the usual idea of self-identity inside out. Any few blogs of the AURELIS blog-wiki can give you some take on this. You are invited. The same counts for healthcare professionals. Not wanting to make the turn leads to the present unsustainable situation.

What is the end goal of humanity ― and super-A.I.

There is no doubt about this in my personal perception.

Of course, this is not about an endpoint in which there is no movement anymore ― quite the contrary. One can see this end goal as a setting where many horizontal – inconsistent, eventually insane – divides get resolved, and vertical movement becomes possible. This opens a kaleidoscope of new explorations, discoveries, and developments. There will be no boredom for any human who follows this path.

In my view, it is also the path and end goal of super-A.I. ― the future artificial intelligence that will be much brighter than humans in every respect. Let’s hope that Compassion is the way it treats us. Even beyond this, it is also crucial for any future intelligence by itself. My feeling of Compassion makes me wish that it is also the end goal of what is bound to be and for its own sake.

There’s an immensely bright future possible.

What is, at the highest level, what AURELIS is about

AURELIS is a specific take on Compassion. Of course, there are many other possible ways to bring Compassion to this world. I hope many will see the living daylight.

Still, AURELIS is one of them, and of which I am proud ― I dare say by now. There is still a lot of work ahead to divulge the ideas, develop and bring Lisa to the advantage of many, etc. Since it is about Compassion, the ways to do so may also be Compassionate as much as possible.

This way, it may aid in bringing the bright future toward the present.

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