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You have to Listen to hear it.

►►► WHY read this? In a more and more complex world, communication becomes ever more important.◄◄◄

You listen to someone.

This someone talks about all kinds of things.

You know what it’s about.

You understand what that person is saying.

But that is not enough.

Do you also understand the deeper layers?

If you look straight at it, you can see the surface

and then you say, “I understand.” But what do you understand?

With a broader view, you see the totality.

A very, very big difference.

This is ‘AURELIS coaching.’

Or I would like to call it: communication.

Is it statistically normal? Nope.

Is it special? Yes indeed!

Is it magical? Nope.

To communicate = to unite. It’s what the term itself means, where it comes from (in Latin).

Sender and receiver

Every course in communication begins (and ends, actually) with this.  There is a sender who sends and a receiver who receives. After a while – seconds, minutes – the sender becomes the receiver and vice versa.

That is simple. Therefore, it’s not true because

we are complex beings.

[see: “Complex is not Complicated“]

Time and time again, people look at human affairs as if the stakeholders are not complex. So, time and time again, we run into trouble.

Big trouble. Unfortunately, a person who stands ‘nearer to complexity’ is prone also to stand nearer to really big trouble. He’s in a maddening situation and can effectively go mad.

As an intern in psychiatry, I have seen this in action in real-time. For instance, in the case of acute psychosis, communication breaks down unless you can follow symbolically.

There is no sender and receiver

unless you put people in boxes where they don’t belong.

In real life – even in a madhouse – senders send through receiving, and vice versa. Only then do people unite and communicate.

Note that this is about much more than a sum of sending and receiving. This is my reason for ‘through.’ Once you get this, you can start an exercise that never ends. Your communication becomes one from deep to deep. On the surface, it may appear less clear and concrete.

The opposite is true

but you have to Listen to hear it. [see: “Deep Listening“]

The whole world direly needs this!

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