When You are the Instrument

November 1, 2022 Cognitive Insights No Comments

Then you hear the sounds the universe makes through you. How can the universe do this? How can it not do this?

In yoga

With you as the instrument, you can let yourself go into yoga postures as gateways.

Once you see this, you can also see that each posture is entirely important. Yet it is also wholly unimportant since everything is about the other side of the gateway. When you have arrived at the other shore, you can forget the instrument.

Or the instrument forgets you.

The yogic goal of yoga is this connection.

It brings together the conceptual and the subconceptual universe (in body, mind, and soul).

This may not be altogether comfortable (in body, mind, and soul) ― no problem.

Beyond yoga ― every yogic day

Through repeating this in yoga postures, ‘you’ also become the instrument of your deeper self that communicates through you in a coaching setting or in everyday life. You are not the source of some deeper sound but the instrument through which you manipulate the sound that comes from deeper.

Nothing happens if you listen to the instrument as if this is the source.

YOU are the source.

This is also relevant to any AurelisOnLine session or anything AURELIS-related ― including this blog. It is an instrument that invites you to listen to yourself. You will not capture much if you read this blog as if it’s just a source of information.

The instrument of becoming one

When you feel from inside out like being the yogic instrument, you can let yourself go in an experience of becoming one with yourself as a total person, then also one with any focus of attention.

You flow into a meditative lifestyle.

In this, you can become free from clinging to many things.

You become free to be present in the here-and-now state of being ― every here and now again, in body, mind, and soul.

Your body becomes an instrument.

Your mind becomes an instrument.

Even your soul (deeper self, profound conglomerate of mental-neuronal patterns) eventually becomes an instrument.

These are instrumental gateways to what lies behind and what you can reach but not as a body, a mind, or a soul.

The aim is then to notice that you have always already been there.

Where else?

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