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It’s not easy.

You might look at the stars and see them

and see they are alive.

You might look at people and flowers

and see them.

You might look at pain

and see it.

You might feel like a rabbit in an empty hall.

You might create something

when you’re inspired

and feel like it’s a part of you.

Then, what can you do?

It’s not easy to be an artist.

You might find your soul and lose it.

You might look at crazy people

who are looking at a crazy artist.

That’s a lonely place to be.

You might want to say something

nobody hears

because they have no ears

so you give them yours, goodness.

Maybe you see what nobody sees.

Maybe you feel what nobody feels.

Maybe you are alive still

only in appearance

always at the brink of something.

You may want to show

what nobody wants to be shown


And yet you know it’s important

incredibly important.

And yet you want to tell us

until you tell no more

how the sun shines on corn

and the moon on an insect

in every detail.

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