Gentle Strength

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This world needs it more than ever.


Strong gentleness. It is strong because it is gentle. It is gentle because it is strong. It doesn’t avoid gentleness. It doesn’t avoid strength.

It’s not vulnerable. It doesn’t avoid vulnerability.

It is sensitive. It feels what many issues are about. It listens and helps by being present.

No need to show itself.

At first sight, it may show as something quite different. Who will understand this?

No mere combination

A bit of gentleness ― a bit of strength, and you’re not even close. Going straight through. Gentle strength is gentle through strength and strong through gentleness. There is not one thing apart from the other, and that can be combined.

So, it’s a gentleness that dares to be strong ― without losing any of its gentleness.

And as you guessed: vice versa.

It’s a gentleness that you don’t find anywhere else. You may recognize it if you already know it.  You can trust it because it’s never going to be weak ― no doubt in its staying gentle until the end.

Oh, it may have so many appearances.


For a woman, it’s not always easy to hit the right attitude in the business world. Men (and women) may find her either floppy or a bitch, weak or aggressive.

Gentle strength comes at the rescue. It’s just about being yourself as a woman, following a straight line that is your own, showing yourself without exaggeration, and also without any need for exaggeration. You are OK as you are, as a person who strives towards growth because that is what you are. You don’t put the lights upon yourself, and you also don’t run away.

It’s daring – no bossiness ― no puppet on a string.

You don’t need to show yourself as man-like. Please, don’t ― not in outer appearance, of course, and not in attitude or inner countenance. Whatever that may mean, it is as a woman that you value yourself most ― no coercion in any direction. But what’s the point in having success as someone else? Where is the exciting challenge? Where is depth?

Being gentle to yourself, to feel and know who you are.

Being strong enough to show yourself ― no compromise.

That is very attractive to any strong and gentle man.


It’s not always easy for a man to know how to behave towards women or the whole world.

Manliness doesn’t lie in aggression, nor not being-aggressed-to.

Gentle strength comes at the rescue. You don’t need to show yourself as man-like, whatever that may mean. You are OK as you are, as a person who strives towards growth because that is what you are. Showing yourself ― daring to show yourself is most manly. To feel and know who you are and to show this to others. It is as a man that you value yourself most ― no coercion in any direction.

That is very attractive to any strong and gentle woman.

Gentle strength is Inner Strength

It is the only thing that can change the world in any sustainable way.

It’s the little things that count, also in the big things.

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