From Inside Out

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What comes from the inside out makes you stronger ― Inner Strength. What is imposed (even by yourself) from the outside makes you weaker.

What is ‘from inside out’?

The outside is the merely conceptual side.

‘From inside out’ is the potential to grasp something without pinning it down on the outside. It starts from subconceptual mental-neuronal patterns in overlap. The inside is – eventually – all sides together as long as the one does not stand in the way of the other. This is a meditative mindset.

Of course, one cannot jump without a surface upon which to jump.

(No) clinging

Clinging to the outside, we become distracted on our way to the inside. Such superficial-level thinking is like mental fast food. In the worst – but a familiar – case, it can lead to addiction, with depth getting increasingly further out of the picture.

With thoughts and feelings arising from the inside, there is no outside layer to cling to. You are already on the way inside. You are the thing you focus on, or the group of people who see you as their Open leader. You are the person you can love and who can love you, not some projection on a smokescreen.

Better solutions

Clinging to the outside hinders the profound understanding of problems – consciously or non-consciously – and the kind of skeptical thinking that might lead to long-lasting results.

‘From inside out,’ a broader view can lead to more intuitive associations. This enables the seeing of possibilities for creating more robust solutions that might otherwise not see the living daylight.

Relevance to healing

As much as possible (and as practically feasible), the healing should come from the inside out. Doing so, many elements in your inner mindscape find their proper place. For instance, quitting smoking should come from the addiction itself, and deeper still: from inside the addiction. Like any other healing, it should be a growth process ― making you stronger.

Suppressing the nicotine addiction – or any other symptom – doesn’t make you stronger. It might even make you significantly weaker, such as more prone to weight gain.

Relevance to much more

This meditative mindset is likewise important in the modern business and, more broadly, organizational environment. It will probably become even more crucial in the future as an asset of Open Leadership at every level of every organization.


With many thinkers ‘from inside out,’ might we build a world ‘from inside out’ that becomes increasingly ready for worldwide Compassion?

I sincerely believe so.

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