Freedom + Direction = Invitation

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A perfect equation in both directions. This lets one better understand ‘invitation’ and put it into practice.

Direction without Freedom

This is coercion, one way or another. Literally without any freedom, this would amount to mental incarceration ― the end of life to any mind-ful organism.

The lack of freedom may be hidden to the invited one, or even more challenging, to the one who invites. Therefore, it demands self-knowledge, mainly insight into how mere-ego can turn itself into a coercive dictator. Looking at this dictator, one can see its smallness. The suppressed (within the own mind) also becomes the suppressor. Mere-ego makes one prone to obsessiveness and addiction. [see: “Addicted to superficiality“] As everybody knows, there is little freedom in this. The way out, as in any other case, involves direction while keeping in-depth freedom.

Here’s where invitation kicks in.

Freedom without direction

Literally without any direction, ‘total’ freedom would amount to chaos ― theoretically. In practice, there is no freedom in chaos. There is merely chaos, nothing else ― the end of time.

We colloquially call freedom with too little direction ‘chaotic.’ As life doesn’t like much chaos, most people don’t like it either. We want freedom, and we also want some direction. The direction gives purpose. It’s that basic: Without purpose, there is no life. [see: “What’s the Purpose?“]

So, to have freedom, we also want non-coercive direction. Our environment gives direction in the sense of constraints on what is possible. Even better is humanly meaningful direction.

Here’s where invitation kicks in.

Without freedom, there is no invitation.

Without direction, there is no invitation.

A good invitation is usually bilateral.

I invite you to show me whether you want to invite me to do something. Your showing this is an invitation by itself.

If this seems to you something for snowflakes, then you don’t understand that it is a daring way of being yourself without hurting others ― daring to burn respectfully. [see: “Dare to Burn“]

Profound invitation is crucial

This goes much further and deeper than most people are aware of. The main importance lies in the opening to attain what is otherwise by far unattainable. In AURELIS terminology, this is about much of Inner Strength. [see: “Inner Strength“]

Otherwise, this strength – your most precious strength – can remain hidden behind cultural constructs such as predestination and karma. [see: “Predestination – Karma – …?“] At best, these are open but restricted doors. At worst, the doors are shut and the keys vengefully secured in religious safes.

Profound invitation is crucial since, in an ethical way, it may bring forward the best in human beings.

Is there anything more worthy?

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