Depth by Invitation

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Indeed, by invitation only. One cannot coerce depth as one can superficiality.

What is ‘depth’?

One can invite, and invite, and invite.

Eventually, a genuine invitation is always at first an invitation of the self, a self-invitation, like giving a suggestion to yourself ― an auto-suggestion, of course. That didn’t take long, did it?

Even if you invite another person, that always starts with inviting yourself. Only in-depth can you invite the other. You need to be fully present for that.

By invitation, depth comes freely, spontaneously. On the other hand, it doesn’t come by doing nothing. In fact, that would also be a kind of coercion, as in the underlying meaning that “depth must come automatically because I say so.”

Well, it doesn’t. You have to work on it.

Like meditation

Meditation comes by invitation only.

If you try to coerce it by performing meditative exercises, you only get the appearance. By exercises of invitation, you get it. But the ego doesn’t want to invite since that means freedom-in-depth. Many people try to meditate from a mere-ego standpoint. That’s even dangerous.

On the other hand, sit on a cushion and wait ― and you will keep waiting without anything happening at all.

There is more to depth, namely:

Going deep IS invitation

Reaching deep mental-neuronal patterns that overlap – as a matter of fact – with other deep patterns makes these others more prone towards activation or ‘pattern completion.’

This way, going deep invites depth. It’s like a wheel that, once started, can turn more easily if not obstructed. Once you ‘get it,’ depth also comes more easily. But trying to coerce it, you obstruct it. Asking it to come without your invitation also obstructs it. Treating it as something superficial also obstructs it.

This makes for three things that you can do:

For example, with a religious prayer

Here, the three are:

For example, with an AurelisOnLine session

(just another example)

Here, the three are:

AURELIS is about depth

You get yourself. That’s a grace, not a product. What you get is for free. This may give the impression that you don’t get anything. The reverse is true.

You cannot coerce yourself ― only an illusion.

That may seem more efficient, indeed ― if you want an illusion.

There is already more than enough of that.

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