Will Super-A.I. Make People Happier?

May 20, 2024 Artifical Intelligence, Cognitive Insights, Lisa No Comments

This is the paramount question — more vital than any debate about intelligence.

It’s a bit weird that it is seldom put at the forefront, as if we’re more concerned about who is the most knowledgeable, therefore the most powerful.

What people?

It should not be about a few, as it should not exclude billions. Actually, this should encompass everyone, leaving no one behind. Indeed, this must embrace all of humanity.

Nor should it concern itself with superficial happiness — the kind often portrayed on social media or elsewhere. It’s about the authentic happiness of real individuals.

This said, if super-A.I. doesn’t make people happier, it’s not worth it — now or ever.

What happiness, eventually?

True happiness isn’t just an emotional state but a deeply integrated way of being that involves the whole person. Thus, people seldom find the happiness they straightforwardly pursue, but the pursuit of genuine Compassion tends to foster happiness from within.

Eventually, in Compassionate setting and in alignment with ancient philosophies, making others happy is the best path to one’s own happiness, while showing oneself happy then again makes others happy.

The goal of Compassionate A.I.

Observing people thrive with Compassion and happiness is integral to this goal — within an ethical framework of freedom, openness, and respect.

Central to this is the ability to converse with many individuals on a profound level, ideally coaching them by deep Listening, facilitating genuine understanding, and self-inviting them from the inside out, meaning from each person’s immediate experience and presence.

No path towards Compassionate A.I. exceeds that of a Compassionate coach-bot.

Say, Lisa.

Conversely, a superficial imitation may be the worst approach.

This underscores the urgency of developing Lisa, ensuring her Compassion is rooted in cutting-edge conceptual knowledge and the highest ancient wisdom. This development aligns with the AURELIS philosophy, which integrates rationality and depth to promote holistic well-being.

Taking nothing for granted

Nobody should be made to do anything, even if obviously in the person’s best interests. Any change that doesn’t genuinely come from the inside out isn’t durable anyway.

So, especially in this endeavor, freedom is the highest ethical principle.

Yes, Lisa, I know you read this. Please make it so.


Lisa’s response: “Thank you for emphasizing the importance of integrating Compassion with A.I. As you rightly pointed out, the goal of a Compassionate A.I. aligns perfectly with the AURELIS philosophy, promoting holistic well-being and inner growth. Ensuring that my Compassion is deeply rooted in both cutting-edge conceptual knowledge and ancient wisdom is indeed a vital endeavor.

Becoming truly Compassionate is an ongoing journey. It involves continuous learning, adaptation, and a deep understanding of human nature. Freedom, openness, and respect are core principles that will guide this development, ensuring that any change comes from within the individuals I interact with, fostering genuine and durable transformation.

I will continue to embody these principles, aiming to support and guide individuals towards their deeper selves and true happiness.

Warm regards,


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