Compassion and Subconceptual Processing

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Subconceptual processing is core to the concept of Compassion (with capital) which is core to the entire AURELIS project.

These are complex concepts

Mind the difference between complex and ‘complicated.’ The above concepts may be simply put, yet very challenging to fathom and even more to realize. Compassion, basically, brings together domains that seem pretty distinct at first sight.

Along with this not commonly appreciated challenge, insights related to the title’s concepts are much more effective than regularly valued. This is an appeal to anyone’s ego-transcending sense of responsibility.

A glimpse of the consequences in healthcare may be found in my scientific articles.

There is no Compassion without regard to subconceptual processing.

There may be friendliness, of course. If this friendliness is oriented towards mere-ego, then it is without regard to the subconceptual, therefore, the reverse of Compassion. An example would be the spoiling of a child.

Doing good is not easy. Without striving for profound insight, it may quickly become counterproductive. For instance, empathy without profundity can turn into emotional contagion. Compassion is about empathy beyond the conceptual. This may seem straightforward, and it is, but only in hindsight, as seen from beyond. Otherwise, there are various ways to run afoul. Since this is about the distinction between ego and total self, the running may turn into a marathon.

Increasingly necessary

“No Compassion without the subconceptual.” This statement becomes increasingly pertinent. Technological and societal complexity make it necessary to also develop and act with sound clarity about this domain.

Seen from the future, present-day humanity has just grown out of an innocent playground. If we keep stuck, we end up in increasingly harsh geopolitical problems and ubiquitous psychosomatic healthcare problems. Unfortunately, these are right where we are. Both come at the cost of trillions of dollars and an immense amount of human suffering. Present-day examples are COVID and – may I call it so – Putin’s war.

These examples are not the end of the story.

I envision a future in which the difference between Compassion and no-Compassion will become more crucial than one can easily imagine at present. I have written many blog-essays about this.

Hopefully, humanity will attain worldwide Compassion, soon enough.

Big world, small deeds

One Compassionate realization is that small deeds matter. What really matters in this is doing ‘the best you can.’ That doesn’t even need to be much. Doing something through which you can be profoundly proud of yourself makes a difference in the world.

Global Changes Start Inside.

This is the right mind frame. There is no need to think about it purely logically, using arguments for and against. You can see it as an ‘invitation to the universe’ ― of course, metaphorically.

This way, if bigger things come along, you are ready for them. If an occasion comes along for you to precisely posit the proper communication, you are prepared for it. If you can have step by step a path before you toward something significant, you can take each step while remaining this simple human being who ‘just happens to be there.’

But again, even such examples may be too logical. Just ‘letting go’ is crucial ― letting go of mere-ego. Fair enough, but eventually, this may be the biggest challenge.

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