Committing to Neutral

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This should be your decision. At least, it’s worth thinking it over.

As always, if this text forms a concrete challenge for you, you might look for some excellent coaching or ask Lisa (soon).


‘Neutral’ means that it’s basically OKAY — whether good or bad at first sight. You may care for what happens, of course, but it’s always OKAY because you are reconciled beforehand with whatever. “Take it as a man” is one way of putting it. Of course, a woman can equally well be neutral-seeking.

Taking a neutral stance is also useful in defusing interpersonal conflicts, elevating such neutrality-seeking into an art.


You can practice commitment by imagining the worst situation and feeling yourself in equal shape. Whatever happens is just what is — part of the game.

Without it, there would be no game. You want to play, so you take the result for granted, even though you do what you can for a good outcome.

As always, only continual practice (this time, in committing) makes perfect.

Meanwhile, you can learn from this about your inner self.

Imagine for a while that you get the worst outcome, and you’re feeling OKAY with this.

Then imagine the best outcome, and you’re feeling OKAY with that also.

What does it take for you to reach this equanimity? What would it take for you from that point to go further on that road? Would it be easy or tricky?

You recognize nature?

Nature is not righteous. It’s not indifferent to suffering. It just makes the best of things, whatever happens.

You can use this setting to make crucial choices that impact your life.

Commit to neutral. It’s always OKAY.

Imagine having taken one choice and committing to that.

It’s OKAY.

Then imagine having taken the other choice.

Now that’s the OKAY one.

Try to imagine both as well as possible. Take your time. Then forget them and let your deeper self decide. You will make the right decision. Commit to that.

No regret

Committing to neutral is also about the past. You have made decisions — some of them pretty important. It’s OKAY. Focus your energy on the present and future now.

Commit to neutral concerning the past — no regret.

In situations of mental growth

Committing to neutral concerning the present is important in many situations toward forming a starting point for mental growth. Accept yourself as you are. Commit to neutral. This way, you can be in the here and now and change from the inside out.

You can mentally grow only from the present as it is.

As said, like anything in nature.

Committing to neutral can help you to commit to yourself as a natural being.

You’re not a robot.

Nature calls you.

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