Why AURELIS is no Therapy

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The difference is fundamental in aim and means.

What is ‘therapy’?

An ill person goes to someone in search of a cure. What he wants is good therapy that brings him back to the state without illness.

Therapy is what accomplishes this feat.


AURELIS does not bring the ill person back to the state of before. The aim is diametrically the opposite, namely, to get the person to a new state that is quite different from the one before ― within the area of the illness even fundamentally different. [see: “What AURELIS is About“]

It may not look like it at the surface, but this is a very different philosophy from ‘therapy.’ Of course, it applies only where and inasmuch as the mind is involved.

AurelisOnLine sessions are tools to bring this into practice in a direct way. One can do these sessions without caring for the underlying philosophy, but it’s pretty intermingled anyway. AURELIS’ utter friendliness means that no person is coerced into any unwanted direction.

In AURELIS coaching, no therapeutic techniques are used. The only instrument is the coach’s empathy. [see: “From Therapy to Empathy“]

In one diagram:

The non-therapeutic goal

is to not go back to a prior state of health but to communicate with the message of the illness itself, thereby, to grow as a total person. [see: “How to Turn a Square into a Circle“]

If the message shows in a symptom, that means it is potent and crucial to you. Handling it in a good way is essential to you and to this whole planet to which you give form jointly with everyone else. It’s a call to action for you. [see: “Future of Mental Healing“]

Why don’t people do this more frequently?


  • They don’t know how-to.
  • They don’t want to invest the effort.
  • They think it’s impossible.
  • Relevance in time: because medicine has evolved this way.
  • Relevance in breadth: because Big Pharm impedes it, wanted or unwanted.
  • Ever further: Why is this ‘why’ present? Does anxiety lie behind it? Or some addiction?

The symbolic value of the way towards health

Even little warts – and how you deal with them – are symbolic to the deeper self. Is a physician going to cut them away or cauterize them out (as I have done in some distant past)? What kind of message is that?!

Or are you going to use this as a door towards deep inside? One that you can carry with you lifelong gives you Inner Strength and with which you can also help others?

That is, starkly put, the difference between AURELIS and therapy.

Also, seeing the result at yourself or someone else is the best way to understand what AURELIS is about.

Central to AURELIS

You don’t force anything, also not your deeper self. You invite (nudge/suggest things to happen).

Like pushing against a wall: You can hit the wall with a fist, violently even, and the wall ‘hits’ you back. Or: you can push with both hands, gently at first, then increasingly stronger until the wall gives way and you can proceed.

This is the principle of total non-aggression.

The aim of this is not pacifism or fatalism but reaching yourself as a total person in body, mind, and deeper self (soul). This ‘total person’ can only be reached in total non-aggression.

It happens as by itself. Much can be done to invite it to happen as by itself.

Doing versus happening

Therapy does.

With AURELIS, it eventually happens.

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