Slipping into Short Meditation

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The aim is to reinforce AurelisOnLine sessions through regular and short (1-2 minutes) exercises that you can do at any time during the day, whenever you feel like it, even while not disturbing your other activities.

Part of your life

This way, your communication with your deeper self can become much more a part of your life.

Your ‘inner strength’ can flow ever more freely, especially when you get into the habit of regularly doing this, for instance, every 1 – 2 hours, up to +/- 10 times per day.

Following a scheme

You can follow the presented scheme or change it somewhat into your own scheme. It’s essential, however, that you stick to the same sequence every time so that after a while, you don’t have to think about it anymore, and you can let yourself go from the inside out.

This way, you also keep full control over your slipping into short meditation so that it never happens to you inadvertently.

From 4 to 0

Don’t worry if you don’t fully get the meaning of every sentence. Just try to do it the best you can and listen to yourself.

It’s best to give your full attention to each step without thinking of the other steps.

Do the following sequence while counting from 4 to 0:

4. Consciously remember what one of your latest or most preferred AurelisOnLinesessions was about. Then put this out of your attention ― this is: without forcing yourself to keep your conscious attention upon it. Let things just come out of yourself as they come.

3. Close your eyes (if you’re not in your car) and start to relax generally. Fully concentrate on this. Step aside from your usual tensions.

2. Feel the relaxation, especially in your body. Feel it in your arms and your legs and your trunk and your head and your complete body. You can follow a sequence in this if you like. Accept whatever other feeling comes to you together with the relaxation. Follow your relaxation to a deeper ground.

1. Feel as if your body comes to a kind of bottom of relaxation. This is OK. Just remain there. This is you, ready for yourself.

0. Let your mind follow now as by itself and reach towards this bottom of physical relaxation. Accept any sensation that comes with this. It may feel as if your mind floats or evaporates, or dissolves into the relaxation of your own body. Or it may feel as if your mind opens up to a new world. While you do this, let yourself freer and freer to think of the AurelisOnLinesession in whatever way it comes to you. This may, for instance, be one small detail of what you felt during the session. It’s always OK. Stay with this for a little while.

Now open your eyes and let yourself gently come back to a sense of full alertness.

If you want, you can count from 0 to 4. Try to be completely ‘awake’ each time you reach 4.

Then give yourself a short thanks for what you just did + a word of motivation to soon do it again (important!) and proceed with whatever you were busy.

Try to make it intense, not prolonged.

Don’t let this take much more than 2 minutes. Whatever effect you are ready to get from it, you will get in the end whether it takes 2 minutes or 10.

It may be that the first few times you are mainly busy with the relaxation part. After a while, this will come very quickly (if you stick to the two-something minutes), and you have ample time for the AURELIS part.

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