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Science is an attempt to strengthen common sense in such a way that it can be used to transcend ‘common sense’.

For example: the world is flat. Undeniably..

Anyone with a little common sense can see that clearly. Someone with a bit more common sense however will continue to think about it. Why do ships disappear on different sides beyond the horizon as if they sink down into thin air? Well, that kind of common sense that keeps thinking, even if everything has become clear since a long time, is called ‘science’.

Extremely important. If we don’t do that, we just stay in our houses, with the doors closed. Another name for such a kind of house is ‘prison’. There are prisons of stone and there are prisons of mental constructions.

The only real purpose of serious science is: all the doors and windows wide open …

I had first written this sentence without the word ‘serious’ in it. No go. Serious science is not only very difficult, but it is also often abused in the sense that keeping up its appearances is a means to achieve non-scientific goals. In short: power.

There is no such thing as absolute science.

If you want ‘absolute knowledge’, you have to believe in some ‘thing’. Anything can be seen as absolutely true. But science is and remains an attempt. The ideal can never be reached. Yet one can do one’s best and that means: keep thinking.

Is it actually all of any importance? I am absolutely sure!

Science determines the world. Also your world, here and now. Completely. And certainly if you want to ‘help’ other people on a domain in which a big part of the problem consists of the aforementioned prison.

For lots of people science looks like a prison itself,

as something in which one is not free to think what one wants. At the same time many use the non-absolute aspect of serious science to then throw it away as this fits in their own context.

The baby is thrown out then. The bathwater remains.

Obviously that is not good either. The baby (serious science) is immensely important. But serious science does not have the tool of ‘belief’. It has something else though and that is called:

Ockham’s razor:

“One should not hypothesize the existence of something new or something extravagant, if experiences can also be explained in a different way.” The razor symbolizes the fact of shaving off all unnecessary complexities, to arrive at the simplest and at the same time most rational explanation.

At AURELIS this even gets an extra special central significance:

the placebo effect as a form of autosuggestion clarifies a lot of what would remain unclear otherwise.

With this razor included, many things beyond science even end up within the domain of serious science. For example:

Why is it so difficult wanting to quit smoking?

Why does pure water in a bottle ‘work’?


One can scientifically reflect about anything. Even about a flower for example. The flower itself is not scientific. The scientifically thinking about it is though. And so also about the ‘unconscious’, the symbolic flower that opens.

So three cheers for science.

Science is very important for AURELIS for several reasons:

  • to be serious in all aspects. Science is a very effective tool for this if it is what it is: an attempt to use as much common sense as possible.
  • to further the cause of medical science itself. With a thorough knowledge in all aspects of autosuggestion this is certainly possible. AurelisOnLine is an extra good tool to make this work.
  • regarding recognition. It opens doors, which is just very important. One must be realistic in the real world.
  • for the future: science is the only truly permanent factor.
  • as a defense against the ‘big boys’ (big money) who do not like to see that something like inner strength of the individual begins to flourish.

Oh well, actually it should not be unraveled that much.

Common sense is common sense. That is already more than enough to make a healthy choice.

Keep thinking. In God’s name. Keep thinking. Never stop thinking…

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