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Yes, yes, yes, I know one cannot change the world through wishful thinking. But one needs to start somewhere. Also, it’s quite romantic to keep trying.

►►► WHY read this? Try and keep trying. Finally, we will succeed together. ◄◄◄


is an envisioned healthcare system in which the deeper mind is promoted for what it’s worth. And that is quite a lot. Looking at the placebo effect of modern Western medication, this alone amounts to probably more than the pharmacological effect of the same, on average.

The placebo effect being a mind-effect, we carry its potential right within ourselves. What needs to be done is to find out what it is and how it can be leveraged.

Does this sound logical?

Your mind is more powerful than Big Pharm. Enorminious, the savings that can be accomplished. [see also: “Saving € 1 trillion in healthcare“]

It’s the first step of AureliCare.

Then there’s more.

Inner Strength is not just a strength that people can find, like a new formula in a lab, and replicate, divulge, monetize. It’s not a thing like a part of your car. Or a part of yourself. It is the basics of who you are. It is your depth. It is your way of communicating with yourself deep inside, and maybe even deeper. Who knows?

Thus, this is not about regaining the health that you had before becoming ill. It is about far more than that, what medication can never provide.

This is about your growth as a person.

Not medicine.

It is far better. Mental hygiene? What’s in a name. It is an institutionalized system called AureliCare. This is not a part of medicine. Modern scientific medicine and AureliCare are two ways to perform healthcare. In the best of both worlds, they seamlessly go together. Let come to each what each deserves, no more, no less.

AureliCare is about supporting people from inside to become better by themselves, their deeper selves. Deeper than what? Deeper than usual. Deeper in the sense of always deeper. It is a direction, not an endpoint.

What does it cost?

Nothing. Well, OK, something, but so little.

If used by many, the cost goes down even more. Take a few philanthropists, and the world is covered. Take co-creation, and many people will be happy to help in translations and more.

Of course, it needs an organization. There are costs. There are also many possible revenue streams apart from AureliCare itself, such as services to other organizations.

So, why is it not done?

Vested interests.

Many people make much money within a current flow. Many organizations thrive on the basis of a status-quo in this regard. They won’t radically change in any straightforward way. Any essential change is even resisted. Note that this money is ‘made’ on the cost of society. Altogether, no money is being made, only squandered to an immense degree. The result is a healthcare crisis: immensely costly and – in anything related to the mind at least – immensely inefficient.

Still, money is ‘made’ in closed circles, keeping existing flows on track. But that’s not the end. What is more powerful than money?


Many people flow along with the mainstream because of some pitiful status. Heads are buried in the sand of a desert where sand is in abundance. I recently found out that this is even more the case than I ever thought

in times of corona.

Amazing. So, why is it not done?

A better question: How can it be accomplished?

Simply by going on and on. Easy? No! A change is needed in how we view the human being. That’s difficult to see from within the sand, but not everybody searches a desert. Not everybody wants it so.

I don’t want to give anyone the impression that the goal will be reached easily. The main hurdle is many people’s blindness to themselves. But, eventually, there is no doubt.

Humanity will get there.

The question is how long it will take.

Not one moment too long if you care.

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