Somatisation and De-Somatisation

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The movement from that which shows itself somatically to the same that now shows itself mentally.

People can ‘feel with their bodies’ = somatization.

This also means that if (physical) symptoms are loosened, people may become aware of feelings more psychologically.  This gives the impression that these feelings are appearing only now, but they were already present, albeit in a ‘solidified state.’ 

You may encounter this during an AURELIS coaching session.

Somatization may have been a kind of protection against intense, deep feelings.


The outward migration of these feelings is sometimes called ‘going into process.’ The person becomes visibly intensely emotional.

I like to call it de-somatization because this term shows that at least this negative situation is already being clarified.

Some tips to deal with this

As a coach:

  • Make sure in advance that you already have an excellent bond. This gives you much more control over what happens.             
  • Don’t argue with it. Let it come for a while, and then lead it nicely in the right direction. This movement is ‘normal’ because you make it normal.             
  • Provide a quiet environment: both the physical and, as far as possible, the emotional. One emotional issue at a time is enough.        
  • Show deep attention (“I’m here for you.”). Avoid superficial attention (“Oh my god, it’s so bad!”).             
  • Show that you appreciate this process, that you are OK with this happening, and that you will make the best of it together.             
  • Make sure you’re able to make the best of it. ‘Going in process’ is actually going through a door. Actually, as an AURELIS coach, you have to be there when the person is at the door. You have to be there when the person goes through the door.  And above all, you have to be there in advance on the other side to receive that person. This has a lot to do with perception, but it is therefore no less important.  


The self-control of a stone

is not that of a human being.

The ‘control’ of emotions

has only one goal:

freedom for emotion.

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