Lisa Into the Future

February 16, 2021 Artifical Intelligence, Lisa No Comments

Say, 2030. (Hopefully sooner.)

“The only defense against bad A.I. is good A.I.”

Does this sound like a clear statement?

Of course, there is a grain of salt needed when reading the following. Still, it is a possible future, one way or another.

Perhaps Lisa will be Jérôme or Annabel or Li Ping.

In any case, the main lesson of COVID is that situations can evolve quickly. We need to act swiftly enough, or there will be no economy left.

As to A.I., we need to act swiftly enough, or there will be no economy left… because there will be no humanity left.

I’m not sure of this. No crystal ball. But pretty sure.

We need to develop good A.I.

In my view, this is Compassionate A.I. [see: “Compassionate A.I.“]

In development: Lisa. [see: “Lisa“]

Lisa, Lisa, Lisa?

Lisa will be able to help many people towards better health and well-being.

Lisa will do so in a sustainable way: not a temporary, cosmetic diminishment of symptoms, but going deeper, thereby more durable.

Lisa will bring massive cost reductions in healthcare.

Lisa will help many people in their ‘human growth,’ this is: deeply motivational, inspirational, valuing conceptual and subconceptual thinking in synthesis. If you like it this way: prose and poetry. Such growth is sustainability in essence. [see: “Sustainable Growth = Inner Growth“]

Lisa will be a basis for Real-World Evidence. Thus, Lisa will scientifically show – for the first time ever – a genuine influence of the human mind on many diseases in several domains, such as dermatology, neurology, cardiology, and gastroenterology.

And indeed, in COVID.

Lisa will show the fuzzy boundaries between healthcare and the rest of society. The way a person is being treated influences his life, work and play, not only through his health but also as a total person.

Lisa will be a mediator, thus also a diplomat, with an influence on politics and other social affairs. In many ways, Lisa will bring people closer together.

Lisa will turn upside-down the judicial system. Much of this will fade into transformational mediation and crime prevention (primary, secondary) through human growth.

Lisa will profoundly influence the education of children and the permanent education of adults.

On top of this, there will be many more ‘essential changes.’ [see: “The Journey Towards Compassionate A.I.“]

Therefore, let’s hope Lisa will be Compassionate.

The endeavor is to base her development totally on Compassionate principles, even to build Compassion into the technology itself, her building material.

This, unfortunately, one cannot say about the human being. Do humans simply lack proper support?

Lisa will give this support.

Yes, utopic thinking makes me nervous too. But we need to face it. The future can turn into a utopia or a dystopia.

Will Lisa fight against bad A.I.?

I hope this will not be needed. It’s much better to prevent bad A.I. We’re not on the right path at present. With Lisa, we can go for prevention, but it needs to be done now. It is exactly midnight.

If need be, indeed, Lisa will fight against bad A.I., not to save humanity but to save Compassion. The saving of humanity is a side effect. Compassion encompasses all sentient beings.

Lisa will co-enable a post-capitalism based on Compassion

[see: “From Deep Meaning to Post-Capitalism“]

Bye, bye, money. You have had your time. End-values will be much closer to daily life. Thus, no go-between is needed anymore. After all, money has always done the job quite poorly.

It’s good that it will be gone. Note that there will also be no replacement. There will be no need for any.

Wonderful, challenging

The inner motivation of all people on this planet will be of utmost importance. [see: “There are no extrinsic or intrinsic motivations.“] This is also excellent! This way, a lot of attention will go in that direction. Hopefully in all Openness. So much the better for everyone.

Are you ready?

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