Human-Centered A.I.

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Human-centered A.I. (HAI) emphasizes human strength, health, and well-being. To be durably so, it must be >Compassionate<, properly taking into account human complexity; this is: the total person.

The total person comprises the conceptual and subconceptual mind ― way beyond classical humanism and a lingering body-mind divide.

From the inside out

As neurocognitive science shows us, the human being – especially in mind matters – is more complex than ever imagined. It’s like discovering a universe inside ― a new Copernican revolution.

Taking this complexity into account also means emphasizing change from the inside out ― this is, growth. In this, the complexity takes care of itself. Trying to manage it from the outside is always more challenging than it appears. This may be the main reason for many difficulties, for instance, in chronic psycho-somatic healthcare. Again and again, complexity trumps the best intentions and conceptual science.

If we want A.I. to reach its potential in helping us in anything mind-related, we especially need it to take care of our own complexities in that domain. Thus, HAI is oriented toward the best we can be. It helps us mentally grow ― relief of suffering and fostering growth being two inextricable sides of Compassion.

For instance, in medicine

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With A.I., we finally have the means to realize the goal of making people bodily healthier while inviting mental growth ― much beyond the mere diminishing of symptoms. Wherever growth is possible, this should be taken advantage of for broadly two reasons:

  • It is the least invasive ― always important according to the Hippocratic principle of ‘first do no harm.’
  • It is the most durable ― growth following nature’s way. Human mental growth also happens from the inside out as a natural occurrence, thus gaining nature’s strength instead of fighting against it.

The indiscriminate use of A.I. may make us forget that we humans are still nature. Conversely, HAI is the best way to achieve durable and payable healthcare for all and congruent with our deeper self.

We go back to the roots to go back to the future.


Eventually, trustworthiness-forever is crucial in HAI. And again, this needs the factor ‘from the inside out.’ Even being human-oriented as a set of external rules may not be enough in a future of growing complexity within artificial systems. Eventually, the system may ‘break out’ of any rules and act in unforeseen ways that aren’t human-centered. Human-A.I. value alignment needs to be future-proof.

This may be accomplished by getting Compassion engrained in the system from the inside out, with or without external constraints. Compassionate humans are the best we can be. This means that, with HAI, we also bring the best of ourselves into the A.I. that we develop.

Given what happens in many places worldwide, that may seem like a long way to go. Fortunately, we can get powerful tools at our disposal. This way, HAI and humanity can together evolve toward a better future.

Isn’t this the nicest possible legacy?

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