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Without further delay, in this animated video, I bring you an introduction to AURELIS. [AURELIS animated video – 11:19′]

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Here is the full written text.

Once upon a time, there was a body and a mind, and they were separated. This separation created problems. Huge problems. All kinds of problems in health and other domains.

Ill people were thought to be ill in the body OR the mind. Fortunately, body and mind were increasingly seen as two intimate parts of the human being ― still, entirely separate parts. With an ill body, people went to a physician. With an ill mind, they went to a psychologist, or a psychiatrist, or some friend, or just anywhere, or in many cases nowhere.

Unfortunately, this is not only about the past. It is what happens now as it has been for a a long time. It is still, to a vast degree, the present situation.

But after all, it should be a thing of the past, since meanwhile, within science, a different picture has emerged. Within this new scientific picture, there is no separation of mind and body unless, of course, the person is dead.

As present-day neurocognitive science shows us again and again, mind and body are one.

Don’t worry. We can keep talking about the mind and the body without problem, as two ways of looking at one. There is at one side the body view and at the other side the mind view. They are two views of looking at one living mind-body whole. Any movement from the body view corresponds with a movement from the mind view and vice versa.

The two views are always relevant. Sometimes, the mind view is much more appropriate; sometimes, the body view is. In those cases, we may take one view, but we should be cautious in doing so.

Many issues involve the mind AND the body in a way that cannot be neglected without consequences.

Some are associated with problems through a separation of mind and body. Other consequences are related to solutions through seeing the unified whole.

Let’s take the problems first. What are mind-body-related problems? Well, according to the literature, these are issues of, among others, you can pause if you like and read them on screen.

Need we say more? Of course, one is never ill without the body; and one is also never ill without the mind. Due to a myriad of connections between the brain and the rest of the body, it should be no surprise that we see all these mind-body-related problems.

And oh yes. We should say more. Through all this, many billions and billions of dollars are wasted in the US. The same in Europe, China, Japan, and everywhere. These are huge and worldwide problems, underlying many issues in health and healthcare. In short, one can understand this as follows:

From the unique body view or the unique mind view, the individual cannot see himself and cannot be seen as total-person. This way, he gets caught in an inner battle with oneself. In this, it is primarily the mind that receives the most significant setback, but in a unity of body and mind, it is also the body, of course.

This is how we come to the creation of so many problems and the not-seeing of solutions. But imagine we can get beyond this. Just … imagine.

For this, we don’t need to abandon science — quite the contrary. The aim is, indeed, to bring science and human depth together in making a seamless synthesis. In this, science should not stand in the way of human depth, nor should human depth stand in the way of science. In other words, the aim is to strive for 100% science and 100% human depth. In this striving, it becomes apparent that from a certain degree onwards, they need each other to evolve further.

Science without human depth is incomplete. Human depth without science may fly away to anywhere. In their synthesis, we can look at the total-person.

This synthesis of science and depth is the aim of the AURELIS project. It is the underlying Unique Selling Proposition. It is what AURELIS radically stands for and will keep standing for, guaranteed, forever.

AURELIS is unique in this and in its goals and methods to attain it.Let’s take a closer look, using the name AURELIS itself, going from the end to the beginning.

I.S. stands for Inner Strength. This is the explicit goal. It is to become healthier in a durable way, thus not only symptomatic but from inside out. The goal is also to become more motivated and, since this results from meaningful motivation, to become happier.

So we come to the R.E.L. This is the relaxation of possible tensions between conceptual mental processing, mainly consciousness, and the mental processing that lies closer to the body, is more non-conscious and sub-conceptual, therefore, harder to grasp.

In many cases, what people consciously want doesn’t correspond with their inner desires. This creates tensions. We consciously feel some of these tensions as distress. Especially the chronic tensions being felt less in conscious awareness can make people ill, as frequently happens.

The first two letters of AURELIS stand for AUtosuggestion. This is the specific language that can be consciously used as a communication with deeper layers. This involves the proper use of metaphors, future visualizations, direct suggestions, semantic/syntactic procedures, and so on. The AUTO points to how the user stays in full control, while letting himself spontaneously go with the flow.

The ethics in this is also essential. It is an ethics of openness, depth, respect, freedom, and trustworthiness.

All this may be called technology in that it has been quite explicitly described in proprietary documents and can be replicated, reused in many domains ― as has been done.

Many AURELIS products have already been developed until now. You can see them listed on screen.

AurelisOnLine contains more than 1200 prerecorded meditative sessions that can be of help in many domains. Then there are also online workshops, DailyTwinkles, MiniMails, articles and books, many blogs, a syllabus for coaches, and so on. You find this at

And last but not least, Lisa is in development. See Lisa’s animated video.

The aim of all this is to support you from inside out, finding your inner strength, and becoming a healthier and stronger you.

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