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Each day a small text to think about, brought in an esthetically appealing format through social media.

(soon … stay tuned!)

Some practical things

Dailytwinkles come through Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. They come from the start in eight languages: English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Russian. At each subscription, you get them in one language only, so they don’t get intermingled in your social media feed. Of course, it’s all for free. They can also freely be distributed (text + image together).

As said, they come daily. We already have thousands, so we’ll keep this on for a while. Every twinkle is written by me (Jean-Luc). This way, I guarantee their congruence.

You can subscribe through social media themselves or the website https://dailytwinkles.com (soon). Right now, you can already subscribe at, for instance, https://www.instagram.com/DailyTwinkles/. This is the Instagram in English. Alternatively, you may scan the following to subscribe to the same:

On the DailyTwinkles website, you can manage the twinkles more according to your wishes. You can have them all in a list or put the ones you like most in a personal list of ‘My Twinkles.’ You can choose the category you want to explore – for instance, leadership – or you can search all twinkles according to keywords.

Underlying philosophy

Each of these texts is entirely congruent with the AURELIS philosophy. You can find much of this on the blog. Here, you can also find an introduction as an animated video. You can find what is ethically underlying as five moral values.

AURELIS is a philosophy of compassion, inner strength, and human growth. In my view, the world needs more of these. In addition, the combination is excellent towards good health and well-being.


A few volunteers are behind this, working on translations and putting texts and images together. We use house-made software to make it go as automatically as possible. The sending itself is also automatic once everything is in place.

If you would like to volunteer yourself, please let us know through volunteering@aurelis.org. We are looking for more translators in the present languages and other ones. Due to automation, it can all go smoothly, and we guarantee to make it roll on for many years.

As to finding possibly interested readers, we certainly need all the help we can get. You may subscribe yourself and let your friends and social media followers know about it. If you can help more, you are welcome!

At the same time, we have made the AURELIS subscription for free. Indeed, this is the whole lot of 1000+ health meditation on many domains. We hope you enjoy and take advantage of this.

In the app stores, the AURELIS app is also available for free. This is oriented primarily towards more acute situations or bouts of, for instance, chronic pain.

Your feedback on any of this is welcome. It’s all for free, but the striving is for maximum professionality.

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