Core of Sustainability

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Sustainability goals start and end with human growth.

Sustainability =

an interaction with a system that puts at least as much value into the system as it gets out of it.

The system is then sustainable regarding that value. The law of entropy dictates that this always accompanies the lessening of other things that might be of value in different ways, perhaps to other organisms. The universe, as a whole, appears not to be sustainable. Life has carved a niche in which it is sustainable.

Sustainability = life.

We look at sustainability in a humanistic way.

We want as sustainability-values ones that let humans thrive and grow and procreate, now and in the future.

Thus, the core of sustainability, as we see it, is us.

Therefore, in my view, we should see ourselves – as total-persons – as the first entry-point towards the general goal of sustainability. Any other sustainable goal should start here.

Inside yourself.

For instance, sustainable energy

We have a problem. We look for outward solutions. Meanwhile, the world gets warmer.

We should look – much more than is generally done – for inward solutions. Motivated people care for the planet, looking for sustainable solutions together. They urge politicians who are genuinely motivated themselves. They put their money in renewable energy sources. They reduce their energy consumption.

All spontaneously

People get motivated from the inside out.

We just saw that life itself is about sustainability. Life starts where a thing (the object of happenings) becomes an agent (a doer of actions, a motivated entity). From the start, motivation is about life itself.

The motivation to be (human) is the core of (human) sustainability. It is where all sustainability starts and ends. There is no sustainable energy (or anything else) without it.

Sustainability = motivation.

Human growth

Motivation starts from inside out. [see: “There are inner motivations.“]

So, every effort towards sustainability should be accompanied by an effort oriented towards human growth. Not just on the sideline, but to the core, explicitly. This is as personal as it gets.

Sustainable goals should not be merely abstract goals, but warm and personal goals ― not as a tool to attract people to the abstract goal. The people are the goal. Again, not as a marketing tool. Not as a branding tool.

The people are the goal of sustainability.

That is, you, and me, and anyone else ― personally.

Only by being personal is it also genuinely sustainable. That doesn’t mean ego-wise. Human growth leads to broader people. Broader people overlap. Their motivations overlap with the motivations of others. [see: “Sustainable Growth = Inner Growth“]

Personal and general sustainability become the same.

Human growth is the most sustainable endeavor.

Human growth is the core of sustainability.

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