45. We all heal of cancer on a daily basis

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In a simplistic view upon cancer, everything is very straightforward: there is a cell in your body that degenerates into a cancer cell and starts to multiply very quickly. Indeed, much more quickly than all its healthy sister cells. At first, this passes unnoticed of course but in due time, the growth is discernible and the cancer is a fact of life… and death.


Contrary to this, real life is not so simplistic at all. Actually, the phenomenon as I described it in its very beginning, happens every day… not one, but several hundreds, maybe thousands of times. The reason why we don’t develop hundreds or thousands of discernible cancers every day therefore has to lie somewhere else, more specifically: in the immune system. This is specialized in clearing away all ‘foreign’ cells, including cells of the own body but with uncommon behavior. Kind of cleansing the body from all terrorists, one might say. To the immune system, this is a continuous effort.


What this means, and what is important to us, is that the ‘cause of interest’ of cancer had better be seen as lying in the dysfunction of the immune system than in the primary development of cancer cells themselves. The latter happens many, many times in all of us. The former is what is needed to start the unhappy events. It’s like crossing the road. You may do it many times but when a car hits you, the ‘cause of interest’ is not so much the crossing of the road as the fact that you ignored the red light and didn’t look out very well.


The ‘cause of interest’ of cancer is not the degeneration of cells, but the dysfunctioning of the immune system, which can be relative (not appropriate in view of the attack) or absolute (not appropriate at all).


Since the immune system is very much connected to the brain and shows clear influences by the mind, even in the most rigorous scientific experiments, this opens up possibilities that one should really take care of. This is no fairy tale. It is REAL!


The first thing that one should do then, is to not jump to overhasty conclusions by saying that indeed some kind of positive thinking is all that is needed to perform miracles in this domain. It is not as easy as this. If it were, we would have heard a lot of it by now.


To me, the buzzword that in the end will be at the forefront of all this, is ‘deeper mind’. Or if you prefer (I don’t, since it makes me think of too much debris): ‘the subconscious’. It is this part of our mind that stands close to our body. If we consciously want to influence the body in any way, we have to pass through this ‘deeper mind’. If we want it to be really optimally effective too, we need the appropriate tools, just as we need tools to go to the moon or to look at viruses. We need good tools and we need to make good use of them. Time and time again, history shows that breakthroughs come when tools are ready.


I’m sure this is possible right now and I even have made it my life’s work. You may have heard of it already …


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