This World is One

November 29, 2022 Philanthropically, Planet & People, Sociocultural Issues No Comments

It just doesn’t make any logical sense that the peoples on it are divided. Yet here we are. Meanwhile, we may be living in a decade that, more than any other, is decisive in realizing oneness.

“This world is one.”

Of course, I mean this under the assumption that human beings would be fundamentally rational ― still, we can try.

Deeply wishful thinking

A superficial-level wish will not help the one world become true. Thinking so would be naïve, indeed.

A profound wish is rather a true statement. The contention is that this world is one, but people do not yet realize it. It may be a truth beneath the surface. When realized, it will be apparent that this has always been the case. There will be a surprise and recognition at the same time ― if humanity survives to that point.

Meanwhile, the statement is an effective positioning.

One may see it as an (auto-)suggestion ― subsuming depth. Saying that ‘this world is one’ thus becomes the realization of what is already real.

If many people become aware of this truth, they will find it natural to act congruently with the plain fact of underlying oneness. Gradually, oneness may grow from this congruence like a flower from a plant. Also gradually, this will become evident to all.

Because it is.

From an extraterrestrial view, we – inhabitants of planet Earth – are one, not only as a species but also within the species. The divisions we feel are superimposed on this, resulting from an illusion of dividedness.

Do you feel where this is going to?

We – peoples on Earth – become one if we feel that we already are.

It’s better to start from the correct feeling at the individual level. It grows in people who open themselves to it.

Any support toward such an opening – or Opening at a profound level – brings it closer to realization. The world becomes one through people who are at one with themselves ― being the promise of Eastern Enlightenment and Aurelian mental growth.

Let’s keep trying.

East or West, home is best.

Home is the one and only Earth. In becoming closer together technologically, we should strive to become also closer together psychologically. How better to do this than through many profound communications? Human depth is recognizable everywhere. We all have the same inner drives. Possibly, the already mentioned extraterrestrials also recognize our drives from their viewpoint. The same drives may be those of intelligent, conscious beings wherever they sprout in the universe.

I think this is about Compassion. See also Worldwide Compassion. I think/hope it’s universal.

As said, this decade may be a pretty decisive one.

After two centuries of Western dominance, the world is shifting to the East again ― as it has been for millennia before +/- 1800. Unsurprisingly, this brings huge tensions.

An existential challenge lies in our ability to recognize our oneness.

It is the only path.

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