Global Changes Start Inside

February 5, 2022 Philanthropically, Planet & People, Sociocultural Issues No Comments

This is: deep inside the human mind, upon which one has little direct conscious control. ‘Global’ points to what happens between people at the grant and even global scale.

Deeply ubiquitous

All people share in-depth propensities that can be realized one way or another, thus on diverse domains orienting the streaming underneath in a direction that shapes world history. Precisely because these propensities are deep, they are of ubiquitous presence and importance.

Without proper in-depth insight, it may be hard to fathom how impactful they may be. Thus, little insight leads to easy denial.

In any case, this is not about the easily visible, yet it is not, therefore, less important. It doesn’t make things easier that there is ‘little direct conscious control. Indirectly, there is a lot. This is what autosuggestion is about, thereby the whole AURELIS project, including its ethical basis.

Even towards goals that may lie far in the future

For instance, no more war.

For instance, a world with Open religion.

For instance, a judiciary that takes into account the whole person.

For instance, a properly post-capitalist society.

If we don’t work towards them, they will not happen. This doesn’t mean they will be accomplished during the lifetime of anyone presently living. However, there is little hope for the future if we all start from “what’s in it for me” on a pretty ego-wise scale.

Yet I see this as very important. I hope, dear reader, that you also see it this way. Nobody can coerce you. That’s why it is an ethical act.

There is no necessity to achieve the big. However, there is a necessity to achieve the small towards the big.

Ethical impact of healing

Seldom discussed, there is a far-reaching morality in healing. Symptoms are frequent communications from deep inside that something crucial is needed. Not listening or even fighting against these messengers can increase Inner Dissociation that eventually ends in much negative ‘energy’ (deep human motivation).

This energy is the substrate upon which real wars can be mongered. Without the negative energy in large parts of a population, no populist or dictator would get the necessary hold to wage war.

Wars start inside many individuals. This is one more reason why we should strive very hard for healing without nonsense.

Insidious until obvious, like climate change

If we don’t take care of the climate, we’ll be roasted ― think Venus.

If we don’t take care of Inner Dissociation, we’ll be toasted soon enough.

Especially with the approach of real A.I.

I keep hammering on this. It makes several global issues even more crucial to attend to right now.

The most crucial concern – the ‘mother of all issues’ – is us. This has been obvious to me for a long time, even though I seldom find acknowledgment. Compassion is an individual attitude with global repercussions. Anyone who works on it (or not) within himself is concretely forming the future.

What needs to happen mainly lies at the individual level. I hope AURELIS (and Lisa) can be meaningful support in this.

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