Out of Anxiety. Out of Polarization.

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Where there is a way in, there is a way out.

Always again: inner dissociation

It is so fundamental because it is basic to our naissance as a species.

When in a very general mood, one can see it as a side effect of a broad ‘second wave’ in which consciousness appears but cannot very well handle itself. Consciousness is a quite recent invention of Evolution, which takes a long time to evolve. So, here we are.

An imperfect being. [see: “Inner Dissociation is NEVER OK!“]

Inner dissociation is relevant in every aspect of individual and social life. We either learn to transcend it, or we get into more and more trouble. More powerful technology can help us to get into even more trouble.

From inner dissociation to anxiety

Imagine a strange world, and in this world, a creature that, out of a deep longing for control (say, to live) learns to control ‘things’ also at a more abstract level. This way, it finds reproducible solutions to all kinds of problems. These solutions can be taught to others, even over many generations.

These are solutions to concrete issues (how to kill a ferocious animal), social problems (how to gain privileges in a group), and abstract problems (how to understand one’s place under the stars).

These solutions are excellent. At the same time, they may incrementally lead one astray from one’s core. Meanwhile, life keeps asking to be lived as before, wanting control (diminishment of uncertainty) but not, therefore, this kind of control.

The result: increasing tension = anxiety.

This creature that I’m talking about is not a downright mistake from Evolution, but it surely needs relevant support.

From inner dissociation to polarization

Without this support, and from the phenomenon of projection, the road lies open towards seeing ‘the enemy.’ [see: “Projection“] This enemy can be outside the own group. It can also be inside the group. In the latter case, one sees polarization. [see: “Why Do People Polarize?“]

Anxiety and polarization are like elements in a whirlpool of inner dissociation. They enhance each other. Within this whirlpool, enemies create anxiety, and anxiety creates enemies.

The happening is at a symbolic level. The result can be all too concrete.

Progressives, conservatives

This divide lies at the center itself. Thus, it is playing an increasingly more prominent role worldwide.

In the negative, progressives can evolve to an even more cerebral, innerly divided stance towards life. Understandably, this creates a lot of anxiety from the other aisle.

Also from the progressives themselves, creating more anxiety and projection.

In the negative, conservatives want to stick to values that are less and less compatible to modern organization, rationality and knowledge. Moreover, the ‘old way of being’ may have never existed. It is symbolic. Understandably, this creates a lot of anxiety from the other aisle.

Also from the conservatives themselves, creating more anxiety and projection.

We know how to get in. We know how to get out.

Out of anxiety and polarization. [see: ” Mediation is the Way Out of Polarization“] More broadly seen, it is about getting out of the whirlpool of inner dissociation, individually and socially.

Individually, I see in this the huge role of coaching. [see Category: “AURELIS-coaching“]

I guess this is the main task of humanity. There are two sides to this: diminishing suffering and heightening growth. [see: ” Two-Sided Compassion“] Both can be accomplished by listening to ourselves and each other, by cherishing uncertainty, learning to live with it, and grow from it.

Bringing together rationality and poetry. Only then can we flourish.

Like a lotus flower from the mud.

You can translate this to any culture you like.

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