Healing Yourself is Healing the Planet

November 22, 2021 Health & Healing, Philanthropically, Planet & People, Sociocultural Issues No Comments

There seems to be no other way to ‘heal the planet,’ so we better take this seriously.

As a mindset

Many bits make a big? Or, each person wants to be the chosen one who saves the planet?

I intend with the title a mindset, a conviction, a promise ― frustrationless desire as a regular exercise. One can strive to attain it as if it’s for real. In that sense, healing yourself is healing the planet.

Not just going with the flow, but feeling responsible for your flow that you try to orient as well as possible. In this, Compassion is the best guide.

Healing Yourself

With capital, since Yourself is much more than the conscious part of you. In-depth, in each of us, there is a universe that can overlap – without losing oneself – with others, with the intimate environment, and with the planet.

This overlap can be seen as an overlay of multiple patterns that can be recognized in similarities as well as individual differences. Both similarities and differences are interesting, inviting towards change-from-inside. You need to be yourself in order to feel close to something or someone else. Being close, you can feel new possibilities for growth. Healing through this communication is Compassionate.

Within the overlap, what is good for you is good for the planet, and vice versa. Thus, the Compassionate way is the search for overlap.

Healing towards Compassion

Getting rid of pain is one thing. Getting rid of pain from the inside out is a broader, better goal. This is not (only) idealistic. It is also efficient ― towards the relief of suffering and attaining human growth.

If done well, both lead to Compassionate human beings.

Compassion towards healing

Healing others. One doesn’t need to be a psychotherapist or coach to contribute to this. Each act of Compassion heals another person or persons. We can all feel genuinely responsible.

Healing the planet

can be done through the healing of many humans. It eventually depends on us. The reverse is also true. Innerly dissociated, we dissociate the planet. We can – temporarily – break nature. We can break the climate through many big and small decisions. Or: We become more Compassionate.

It’s a question of daring to learn, see and act.

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