Geopolitical Inner Dissociation

April 14, 2022 Sociocultural Issues No Comments

Planet earth is witnessing geopolitical moves by its most successful species of inhabitants. The future depends on how those inhabitants treat each other and themselves in-depth.

This is the turnaround text for ‘Global changes start inside.’

Starting from the global side, it may seem a far stretch to track humanity’s biggest problems to the least discernible part of the individual, the deeper self, and how this gets treated in Inner Dissociation.

I’m not the first one to do so. See this quote from C.G. Jung:

“A political situation is the manifestation of a parallel psychological problem in millions of individuals. This problem is largely unconscious (which makes it a particularly dangerous one!). It consists of a conflict between a conscious (ethical, religious, philosophical, social, political, and psychological) standpoint and an unconscious one which is characterized by the same aspects but represented in a ‘lower,’ i.e. more archaic form.” [C.G. Jung: Letters, vol.1]

Mental overlap

We (total persons) realize much subconceptual, non-conscious mental processing. In this, there is much inter-individual overlap through which we influence each others’ thoughts and feelings ― also when not consciously aware of this. We do so in many ways, orally, in written media, etc. Social media lead to a recent additional explosion of the same.

This also pertains to negative mental content. People with pent-up aggression may not be aware of their inner condition. Yet, they may influence others in their immediate environment and further out through direct and indirect communication.

In huge numbers

With many people having much negative ‘energy’ deep inside (anxiety, aggression…), influences happen in all directions simultaneously, turning into loops. Thus, we get whirlpools of negativity, akin to whirlpools that engender disease.

Intra-individual and inter-individual whirlpools energize each other. Inner Dissociation can thus quickly get more challenging, and so also the chance of a significant human-made catastrophe breaking out.

Europe, America, Russia, China, etc.

Much is happening geopolitically nowadays. These happenings can be seen from a purely material viewpoint, or including human psychology, or go deeper. At each level, a closed explanation is possible.

However, without the deeper – subconceptual – level, higher-level ‘explanations’ may seem like excuses for the lack of insight. In a complex environment, one may always find stuff to fill the cracks. The main problem is that, while doing so, the cracks get bigger.

Tensions are mounting between geopolitical blocs. These tensions are mostly looked upon as if they come one after the other with only direct causalities, and without seeing the underlying stream that causes them. That leaves us unprepared for a pretty challenging future.

A few decades ago, the West had adopted a halo of being the best and most successful part of the globe. ‘We’ had this chance indeed, and we blew it probably forever. This may be seen in many ways. The main way is our Inner Dissociation, which is, unfortunately, no slighter than anywhere else ― arguably, even somewhat more significant. The latter is not necessarily bad if it pushes us toward the third wave, being profound mental integration.

The responsibility lies with the individual.

No guilt, of course. Making the difference for oneself between guilt and responsibility is the first necessary exercise.

The next step lies not in changing oneself but in a choice for mental growth and Compassion. Healthcare plays a significant role in this. The preferred kind is a medicine of peace, in which a psychosomatic symptom is treated as a friendly opportunity to communicate in-depth with oneself. Say, autosuggestion.

No more ‘bad guys’ in high levels of command

Without the presence of much negative energy in many people, the bad guys have less chance to reach high levels of responsibility. They get competitively ranked out underway. Even if Mr. Bad Guy reaches the top, he will not be able to make disastrous decisions.

In the latter case, one may ask where best to look for the cause: with the putrid leader or with the society (individuals) that enables him?

Preventing war

According to the above, wars are failures in diplomacy and culture ― especially in the lack of support people need toward diminishing their negative energy.

Thus, the only way to prevent any future war is to support the individual properly, person after person, globally. In the long term, we can thereby realistically strive toward the end of war on this entire planet. Structural breeding grounds to be avoided mostly lie deep inside ourselves.

Is it worth it, even if only future generations will fully benefit?

That very future depends on your answer.

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