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Don’t shout ‘freedom’ as if the word by itself is meaningful. It isn’t.

Freedom to insult?

Freedom to denigrate?

Freedom to harass?

Freedom to exploit?

Freedom to rob?

Freedom to loot?

Freedom to enslave?

Freedom to kill?

Freedom to diminish human life?

Freedom to hurt willfully?

Freedom not to Listen?

Freedom to wage war?

Freedom to let down?

Freedom to hide behind ‘freedom’?

Freedom to let others do one’s dirty job?

Freedom to excommunicate?

Freedom to incarcerate?

Freedom to belie?

Freedom to deceive?

Freedom to disrespect?

Freedom to abuse?

Freedom to disinform?

Freedom to not be gentle?

Freedom to threaten?

Freedom to be dangerous?

Freedom to protect only a few?

Freedom to look aside indiscriminately?

Freedom to remain ignorant just because?

Freedom to stop thinking?

Freedom to destroy the planet?

Freedom to be arrogant?

Freedom to be superficial?

Freedom to manipulate?

Freedom to take advantage of vulnerabilities?

Freedom to heighten addiction?

Freedom to make anxious?

In many cases, these are not freedoms

that can be taken away,

nor can they be given.

In many cases, they are not freedoms at all.

So please don’t treat them as such.

They are moral failures.

Please treat them as such.

Freedom to uplift?

Freedom to connect deeply?

Freedom to nurture Compassion?

Freedom to foster growth?

Freedom to embrace wisdom?

True freedom elevates, promoting genuine connection.

Let’s champion these freedoms that enrich our existence.

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