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This is the foreword to my book ‘Quit Smoking’ that you can find on Amazon (see menu).

Better than other methods?

You may have attempted to quit smoking already several times and with different methods. Every method will try to convince you it’s unique and will work better than all the others. Well, I can only repeat the same. The AURELIS method is unique and will probably help you in a better way than any other. Before trying it out, it would be helpful if you are already convinced of this by sheer logical thinking. This preface and the basic modules may help in that.


We increasingly, scientifically know more about the brain that is congruent with AURELIS as a whole, while nothing contradicts it. You find a lot in Your Mind as Cure. Moreover, we know that smoking addiction is mainly psychological. We know that the physical part lasts only a few days after quitting. We know that quitting on the basis of willpower and nicotine replacement heightens the chance of developing depression.

This Read&Do is congruent with everything in the AURELIS project. [see: “AURELIS Quick-Course“] Much insight and experience are coming from many domains applicable to this one. There is not only congruence on one field, but on many.

The Aurelian way

To quit smoking from inside out – the Aurelian way – starts long before one smokes the last cigarette. It is not a fight against the act of smoking, nor against some alien addiction that is present like some kind of disease.

Contrary to this, it starts with befriending one’s addiction. A friend shows why he is motivated. This motivation is positive, although there may be negative side effects such as in the case of smoking. Starting from the positive, together, a better way may be found. Thus, the road can be travelled upon together and the energy of the addiction can be used to get beyond.

AURELIS is not only a way to relieve symptoms. It goes principally deeper. Smoking behavior may be seen as a symptom. Underlying is the smoking addiction, but it goes deeper still. This process stops only where you stop. Thus, AURELIS is a way of life. Even to quit smoking, Aurelian way, is part of this way of life. It’s a way of getting in touch with what lies deeper inside you. It is communication with your deeper self, the wealth of subconceptual patterns that form your universe inside, mostly non-conscious at any point in time.

What you find in this Read&Do is also congruent with AURELIS ethics, about which you can find much on the blog and other places. This revolves around five principles: openness, depth, freedom, respect, and trust(worthiness). [see: “Five Aurelian Values“] You are free, of course, to see for yourself whether you can accord with these and whether you find congruence between what you read in this book and elsewhere about them. There are no hidden corners or black boxes. This is part of the ethics/philosophy itself.

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