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Whether on stage or in love or in company or before a church or anywhere: the body speaks. Even more: it is heard.

[DISCLAIMER: There are experts with far more expertise than me. My broad interest is where my audacity comes from.]

The body is indeed heard.

Thus, it’s important for you to also listen to what you (because of course, your body is you) are saying. As with verbal talk, you don’t want to just blurt out anything. You want to be polite, honest, occasionally not too honest…

From AURELIS standpoint, you may want to be open, respectful, free… [See: ‘Five Aurelian Values’]

Evolutionarily seen, the body started of course to speak way before words came to be. Consequence:

You are talking far more with your body than with words.

Having 1016 (read: a ‘universe’ of) synaptic communications each and every second in your brain, there’s also a lot of meaningful talk going on outside of conscious perception.

Experts can go more into detail, with one caution: if an ‘expert’ gives you the impression that (s)he can make it very easy for you to ‘manipulate’, then run: you would only get manipulated yourself.

Meditation teaches me

that if – sitting on a cushion – I want to move my body (little itch, pain…), it’s more interesting to let my body move itself.

In the same vein:

If you may want to bodily express something, it’s more interesting to let your expression do so itself.

Then observe yourself.

As a nudge, you might invite yourself towards some movement, some expression, some bodily dialogue.

Then observe yourself. You may note that you are even much more interesting than you ever thought.

Why did you make this movement, or not?

Why, when inviting to raise your eyebrows, does it feel spontaneous, or not?


No analysis cramp. On the contrary: observing and letting go, things may come to you spontaneously.

Like writing comes to me 😊.

Insight + practice: two wings of the speaking bird

It’s best to know how to fly AND to have flying practice.

Learning, also while doing.

You might well become a highflyer.

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