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is the most important characteristic of life. It is very deeply falling within, then coming all the way out again and ‘meeting the world.’

Religion, Eastern enlightenment…

Big words, emphasizing that, seemingly, very important stuff is going on.

That is correct. It’s important stuff with huge consequences. Think of the misery that has been brought about by ‘religion.’ A least, this shows that a lot of energy (deep motivation) is present when people do religion.

Following stories about Eastern enlightenment: another filling, same energy.

Just so, nothing special

Spontaneity is just you, plainly you, simply you being yourself. Nothing special except yourself.

Of course, ‘you’ are the most special thing in the universe. At the same time, ‘you’ are inside yourself, in a different way, something like another universe.

Spontaneity is being Open towards this.

Really, Open

Then it starts to become really special.

Spontaneity is soul stuff. Also within everyday life. Compare it to opening an invisible door. You open it, go through it and everything changes.


which means that it’s very much a challenge. You change, and you don’t know what is happening because it’s spontaneous…

and dangerous. You may change in what you don’t like being changed into. Nevertheless, the spontaneous change is towards you.

And towards a new way of looking at everything. A very much more open way.

Everything changes, again and again, continuously, irrevocably.

What a human being is supposed to do

is to go through the door. To be on the other side.

Then to come back and do it all over again. The transition is important and the connection is important.

When ‘there,’ you may not want so much to come back. But then you may learn that it’s a choice. Mind: if you don’t learn, then you may be thrown back to ‘here’ with some less gentle force. It’s not that the other side is unfriendly. It’s just that it may be a friendly thing to do at that moment: throw you out.

So, what is ‘spontaneous’ for?

It is to get through. Then, it is to not get kicked out too rashly. Then it is to be and feel and see what this can teach you, can have taught you, will teach you on many occasions.

This is religion. Nothing else is.

It is the meaning of your life. Nothing else is, no matter which doors you find, which mountains you climb, which persons you look into the eyes today.

No matter which idea or emotion appears in your mind.

Doors are everywhere but still if you find one: see how special!

Be spontaneous. [see: “Spontaneity: How-To”]

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