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In depth, nothing happens automatically. In organic growth, nothing happens automatically. During an AURELIS-session, nothing happens automatically. Yet it happens as-by-itself, gracefully.


The term ‘grace’ is derived from the ancient Greek ‘Χάρις,’ denoting a favor or gift of kindness, beauty, nature, human creativity. Grace is gratifying, literally, figuratively, or spiritually. Charites were ancient goddesses of beauty and kindness.

As I want to use it now, it is a gift of goodness that you get from the depth of yourself. In this sense, it is close to the result of autosuggestion.


You ask something through communication to inside, through autosuggestion, respectfully, openly, honestly, trustingly. You put some effort into this. You try to do it in a right way, without seeking to coerce yourself to ‘get the prize’ as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

“It is always OK.” (To fully grasp this, you need some more of AURELIS.)

‘As-by-itself’ means that you don’t get by taking. You can swallow some pill if you want that. At least the promise of a pill lies in getting without giving yourself. The pill does it for you. You pay some money, indeed.

That would be OK in anything but soul-stuff (or deeper self-stuff). In this, you are required. You don’t get anything for free.

This is totally different from by-itself, automatically.

Nothing worthwhile comes automatically.

How would it be: like an automaton. How could there be something meaningful in this, some depth? Of course, the result can be meaningful (to someone), but not the provoking act, which would not even be an act but a happening.

Human depth does not equal an automaton. On the contrary, it is a fountain of meaningfulness. It is the daimoon of Socrates, either demonized or negated by mere-ego in any of its disguises.

Also, there is no magic wand or pill that does the worthwhile thing for you in soul-stuff. Don’t even bother to look for one. If you get anything for free from magic, please be extremely wary.

That said, by-itself and as-by-itself may be very difficult to keep apart.

Charis-matic in religion

The charismatic Christian movement is bent on receiving from God, as a gift of God and his all-goodness, his Grace. Super! In translation, it is still an act by God. It is not by-itself. God is not an automaton. To me – not being a conceptual believer – this is still eventually all that matters.

God is not an automaton.

The rest is poetry. Anyone is free to choose a book. If you fall into your book – like ‘falling in love’ – you become Open.

Gracefully, you grow

Present science (and more) underrates this completely. As if necessarily, you need to do something that puts mere-ego in control to be ethically correct or even deserve, for instance, better health.

AURELIS is a philosophy of growth. This way, Inner Strength is attained. That is not something bad. It is the main goal. It comes as an act of grace.

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