God is in the Eye of the Believer

October 1, 2021 Open Religion No Comments

Is it not time to stop fighting for nothing and find the door that leads to everything?

To believe is to belove (same origin of the word).

God is in the eye of the one who is in love with what is right before him ― be it a person, a view, or the universe.

Religion is a belover’s way of looking at things.

God is what one sees when looking with ‘eyes of soul.’ [see: “Eyes of Soul“]

That makes it plain silly to fight against each other for a God that one sees as conceptually different from the God of someone else. Both who fight each other this way have no clue of what they are fighting about.

It’s confusion in levels. At the level at which one can fight about conceptual differences, there is no God. At any other level, there is nothing to fight about. Aggression is even the reverse of the whole endeavor.

It’s like fighting about windows while the outside most beautiful spectacle has nothing to do with the windows. The only distinction is that through each window, it may seem a bit different.

It’s much better to take the door.

This way, one can go outside and enjoy being there. Finding other people in that landscape will only make it even more joyful. There is no reason to fight. There is sheer abundance.

Before having this clearest view, one may look through a window. Right? It’s better than nothing, except when one thinks that the window IS the outside. This leads to the fighting while not finding any door. That’s a pity.

What has this to do with everything?

Quite a lot ― including in healthcare.

The religious way of looking at things – beyond the merely conceptual – may teach a lot about how to better look at much of what makes humans ill or healthy.

It’s about depth, of course, and subconceptual processing, as in my PhD. [see RG: “Subconceptual Processing in Medicine“] By the way, in my PhD thesis, I don’t even mention religion, but it’s about profoundly the same.

Open Religion is beyond any conceptual illusion.

Thus, it is not only about the different religions on this planet. This is about health, happiness, Inner Strength [see: “Inner Strength“], and Compassion.

One may even enjoy the different windows and views as cultural pieces of beauty. There is indeed cultural merit in this. Additionally, each may put some other emphasis on details or may make it easier to see something of the broad picture. This makes it interesting to learn about different cultures and religions. Even experiencing them may be fascinating.

But don’t go sticking at any specific window like a dead fly. That’s not what is supposed to happen, even though it has happened a lot until now.

We should get beyond this as quickly as possible.


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