Deepest motivation is an ocean of energy

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The more one goes into motivation behind motivation, the more one gets into an area of the human mind that is different from the surface. It’s a bit like diving into the depth of an ocean.

At the surface, one can get the impression that there is nothing but surface. Getting deeper, truth reveals itself. The light gets dimmer. Things are getting less and less discernible. The little waves at the surface are far away. Instead, there are huge waves of motivation deep down, huge, powerful and very close to who you truly are. There is immensely more under the surface then on top. There is of course a whole ocean.

Deep, heartfelt motivation comes from here. Each of us has such an ocean of ‘energy’ or deep motivation inside. Some people are more in connection with it than others.

A feeling of having little energy is caused by having little connection with the deeper layers of this ocean. The energy, the deep ocean itself is always there. And very alive. ‘Inner strength’ can be seen as a state of being in connection with these deeper layers. A lack of it can show itself in conditions such as depression or burnout. The person feels without energy…

…also without a sense of deep meaning, even of the meaning of life itself. ‘Deep meaning’ is not an entity to be encountered somewhere. It is the feeling of depth that one can get through diving into these deeper layers of one’s own ocean. It is a feeling of immense possibilities that get form and substance when ‘realized’ by nearing the surface. In the oceanic depth they are formless energy. This poses a huge difficulty for many people.

At the surface there are forms but no source of energy. In depth there is a huge amount of energy (say: deep motivation) but formless. Therefore it is easy to look at it but not see anything.

This way many people stick to forms, including distinct thoughts, concepts, as the ‘things’ that should provide them with deep meaning just like that. Even the meaning of life itself is sought somewhere externally. This is catastrophic. It will never be found this way. Instead, one needs a specific language to communicate with the depth of the ocean. This is kind of a metaphorical language. Imagery. Visualizations. Poetry. ‘Autosuggestion’ as I personally like to call it. This kind of language and the attitude with which it is to be used, need to be not controlling, but very inviting instead.

Superficial control is like an air-filled balloon. You won’t get quite deep. Anyway this ocean is you. You don’t need to go deep. You are already there.

‘Going deep’ is a misconception, engendered by the idea of you being at the surface. Within a small vessel maybe. But you are this ocean. You do not need to move, but to communicate. Using very friendly communication, you can rely on it that what happens in depth, also happens for the good of you and for the good of all.

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