Deep Motivational Check-Up

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This is a yearly check-up (small concrete trajectory of one by default or one + five coaching sessions) that can, in principle, be interesting for every employee. It is a win for everyone: employee, employer, and broad society.

A Deep Motivational Check-Up (DMC) aims to let the coached person evolve toward optimal congruency between his job and deep motivations. If needed, this congruency can be accomplished by changing the job description or aligning one’s deep motivation with the present job.

‘Deep motivation’ may seem vague.

Yet, it is perhaps the most critical domain. Everything stands or falls with this. Without motivation, no performance. Deep motivation makes or breaks companies, countries, the economy, even the whole world, and our children’s future.

Whether one has an addiction problem or is on the brink of burnout or any other psychological issue, there is always an imbalance with deep motivation involved. In-depth, something inside is ‘wanted’ and something else ‘doesn’t want.’ Without having to delve deeply into the person’s psyche, AURELIS can use the inherently present human energy or deep motivation to let that person make a necessary transition.


After preparation by the coach based on the information from an online user questionnaire, the coachee gets a video coaching of one hour, delivered by an AURELIS coach or – in the future – Lisa. Specific AURELIS coaching techniques are used to assess deep motivation, stress, risk of burnout, important choices (life, career), and particular problems and wishes. Note, however, that this is no psychotherapy focused on mending problems. Afterward, the coachee can review this coaching online and ask three questions via email.

Complete privacy is guaranteed to the coachee.

Note that we do not put people into categories. There is no AURELIS-typology. Although there are many typologies on the market, none has scientifically been proven to go beyond a feel-good effect.

After the coaching, the coach makes a report based on G.I.M.O. (Goals, Insights, Motivations, Objections). This includes advice about what can be done to gain better self-contact and to get one’s life more in sync with one’s deep motivations.

At the employer’s request and after taking several DMCs, a report can be written about situations specific to the company: risks of burnout, how to motivate employees (even) better, change management, working on the company credo…

After a DMC, the coach can advise a coaching trajectory of 5 coaching sessions. He can also recommend a specific workshop for several people.

Trajectory of five coaching sessions

This is a trajectory of 5 coaching sessions via video (2-way streaming), centered around a specific topic. These coaching sessions are recorded and can be viewed repeatedly by the coachee. The coachee may be asked to do AurelisOnLine sessions between the coaching sessions.

With every coaching, a G.I.M.O. is set up ― the same as with an AURELIS DMC.

The topics are expressly agreed upon in advance. Anything of business importance can be discussed.

If interested, please get in touch with us.

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