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July 22, 2020 Minding Corona No Comments

Let’s not get defeated by the virus. International top specialists say a second COVID wave is inevitable in the autumn. It seems they are wrong in that it will come sooner. In any case, autumn will be worse and winter even worse than that. We just came out of a mental-physical whirlpool. Virologists are specialists in virology, not in mind-body medicine. I am a specialist in this, and I know the human mind is at least as important in the happening, as is the virus. It has been grossly overlooked in the first wave, and it’s at risk of being overlooked again. See the e-book MINDING CORONA by me, and an Op-ed also by me. On top of this, validating the human mind on the Journey towards Compassionate A.I. (also by me, published right before corona), there are unprecedented possibilities for combining insights into the human mind and A.I. as well. We can start right away by putting this to use specifically to alleviate the pending corona waves. We can develop an A.I.-driven coach-bot (Lisa) on top of the already available Aurelis app. This app helps users to avoid a mental-physical whirlpool in situations such as COVID. We can still be in time to prevent many deaths and an economic meltdown.

We are looking for parties interested in co-development as a project manager. Projects can be in software development and in the national and international roll-out, such as striving for win-win-deals (B2B, large-scale B2C). There are many opportunities. Online tools have been developed on many domains ‘from the cradle to the grave,’ from postnatal depression to chronic pain syndromes to help in mourning. Lisa can help in opening up all this to many people. This will herald the start of a new kind of patient care to be integrated into the present one and on a scientific basis, namely, hard facts about how our brain works. Moreover, from lots of data, we can do real-world evidence research on what works best, making Lisa perform ever better while proving it in medical top-science, gaining a foothold in the medicine of the future. The opportunities are immense. We can be the first to take the domain by storm in healthcare and other fields. The VUB (Univ. of Brussels) is ready to help us academically. IMEC and VLAIO are prepared to help us in practical A.I. developments.

Do you want to be at the forefront? Do you have both financial and human philanthropic interests? Then please contact us at:

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