Pure Consciousness

November 12, 2019 Meditation No Comments

‘Pure’ as in ‘without any object of conscious attention.’ One can get close to it in deep meditation. Is it meaningful to do so?

Consciousness is conscious of something

Otherwise, there would be nothing. No object, no subject, no consciousness. Just nothing.  That would be self-contradictory.

One can be conscious of the concept ‘nothing.’ The ‘nothing’ becomes the object of which one can be very conscious. That would certainly not be ‘conscious without an object.’

There is always something in consciousness.

Still, one can get very close.

According to me, this is also very worthwhile. ‘Very close’ is the domain where one meets… I don’t know. It is a nice and at the same time a very interesting experience. Not only while being there. Also afterward, thinking back.

I feel like one cannot even say which is most interesting.

And that is part of what precisely makes it so interesting. It brings a person in a different setting, a different ‘space to live.’ It lets one see many things differently.

Kind of a ‘living’ way.

I was dead. Now I live.

I was alive. Now I’m… alive. I can look back at my previous ‘being alive’ and see now how alive I’ve also been without noticing, without being present in it.

In retrospect, I become having been present.

Weird stuff, man, weird stuff

Who needs psychedelic drugs? I have minimal experience with them. I have no inkling of an urge to use them. Deep meditation is full-filling.

Not that I attain the latter very much. I also have no urge for that. I don’t even think that it is something that one can have an urge towards.

It crosses my path, and I say ‘hi.’

I’m telling (writing) this now to communicate to you, dear reader, that I hope you can experience this. It makes you strong. It makes you not want any artificial door.

I mean mind-altering drugs of any kind.

Artificial doors are always dangerous.

Moreover, they’re not so interesting. They cannot be. A natural door leads to a natural garden. Nothing of plastic that blows your mind towards having an immense experience which may keep you from seeing…

natural paradise?

If you see the latter, you know it’s always there. You can return to earth, and you’re still there.

Pure consciousness is not only orthogonal to conceptual consciousness.

It’s always there, and you know it.

You look at an ocean. It’s an ocean inside.

You look at the stars. It’s the stars inside.

You look at any mundane thing.

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