Meditation at the Center

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This is, at the center of everything you do or don’t do ― including in a formal meditation on a cushion. Very few people know what is meant by it. Do they need to?

The direction at least is a basic – center-of-everything – choice.

When meditating,

it’s a good stance to see everything else as revolving around the meditation. The latter is not just something done as if it were yet another thing to see to that day.

During the meditation, you can forget everything else. Nothing is as important as this meditation ― also not the meditation of yesterday or tomorrow.

Just this one is at the center of the universe.

During the day

You can try to feel your meditation as such during the day, from time to time. Don’t try to enforce anything in this. Proper meditation comes from the inside out.

You could send this as an invitation to yourself now and then. After a while, you feel this is an attractor. Then it starts inviting you towards the meditation. That’s OK. You’re not obliged to do anything. If you feel obliged, you may take this as an occasion to turn to spontaneity again.

Nothing is needed; everything is allowed ― in depth and respect towards yourself and others. With meditative depth, you spontaneously get to the ‘AURELIS five.’ [see: “Five Aurelian Values“]

A spontaneous doing

It’s as if you meditate like a monk ― during the meditation itself. Especially then, don’t try to enforce anything. Meditation is a spontaneous doing. At the same time, it’s not a happening. You are much involved. You do.

You see the point?

This feeling itself is also meditative. You can focus on it and let it come over you. You can let yourself glide into it. You can ask your body-mind to let itself go into this.

Being at the center

This is not only about some topography. It has symbolic meaning. ‘Being at the center’ is an invitation you send to yourself (or ‘deeper self’) as a symbolic message.

You invite, and you wait with ‘infinite patience.’ It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes, yet your patience carries the feeling of lasting forever if need be.

Infinite patience is itself part of the ‘being at the center.’

It’s always OK.

In the center of here and now

This, too, is a symbolic phrase. Everything else revolves around the here and now. This is the center.

Here and now is where abstract, conceptual thinking is replaced by being present in the complexity of life, moment after moment. Thinking about past and future, the moment doesn’t invite one to relinquish the purely conceptual in favor of the concrete ― this is, complexity.

Thinking about here and now, there is no guarantee, but possible support, and that’s OK.

Here and now is where meditation thrives. Meditation is where ‘here and now’ is thriving. While truly meditating, there is only meditating.

It is one moving point, continually being the center of the universe.

Ha! Of course, only when you know what is meant by this.

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