Meditating on Compassion

January 1, 2020 Meditation No Comments

Meditation = Compassion


In meditation, one creates for oneself an open inner mental landscape. Feelings and thoughts can freely roam about. One keeps looking at them, knowing that one is the landscape, and one is the feelings, and one is the thoughts.

After a while, one way or another, the landscape can become even more open.

Where are the feelings and thoughts? Did they dissolve in the landscape? Have they become clouds?

Has the landscape become what it always has been? Where are you?


In silence, you become you. You may never have thought this could happen. The general everywhere-present feeling is you.

You don’t see anyone else. Yet you know anyone else is there.

Meditation is not done. It happens.

One can meditate on something. This something is not done. It happens.

Meditating on Compassion.

Super slow, thoughts and feelings become thoughts and feelings

of a different kind.

One can try to reach the impossible, yet not be frustrated if little is reached.

Compassion towards all sentient beings. It’s impossible, yet one can try.

Understanding and taking away all deep suffering: It’s impossible, yet one can try.

Looking at your inner landscape infinitely long, it gets wider and wider. Yet you are looking at the core of yourself. It remains the core of yourself.

At the same time, everything.

All sentient beings are present in the core of you. It doesn’t feel crowded.

It feels empty. It feels open.

Is there room for another universe?

You can discover your Compassion now.

Meditation = Compassion.

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