Wild Orchids

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Wild orchids feel inner erotic freedom to a boundless degree. This is not about being homo- or heterosexual, which are category-bound.

You may read this text as a wild orchid yourself. Otherwise, it’s difficult. Note that this is the description of a possibility. It doesn’t need to be anyone’s ideal.

‘Wild orchid’ is, in the sense of this text, an AURELIS term. Therefore, the underlying ethics is essential. [see: “Five Aurelian Values“] If you don’t get this, you misunderstand the concept and the text. Please don’t quote it unless in full.


A 1989 movie by Zalman King, called ‘Wild Orchid,’ features two very feminine women who at one point disguise themselves as gentlemen and dive into the street-nightlife of Rio de Janeiro.

Boundaries then become boundless ― sharp, nice, fragile, strong, and tender.

A wild orchid takes any erotic form.

Yet, the form is always congruent with the underlying ethics, in total freedom.  How can that be? The ethics are integrated. As said, that makes it an AURELIS concept.

A wild orchid doesn’t feel inhibited nor frustrated, nor is there any proper reason to inhibit or frustrate anyone else. Central to the concept is the choice one feels from the deepest inside out. Simply put, there are many ways to be male or female ― a flowery field of diversity.

A feminine woman can harbor inside herself masculinity that makes her even more feminine.

A masculine man can be lesbian.

So, anything goes?

In principle, yes. It ‘does not matter.’ Yet, on another plane, it matters a lot! The result is always beautiful ― very beautiful.

A wild orchid is also renowned for being strong.

A wild orchid is not a plastic flower.

In addition, this can be as fluid as the imagination allows.

Humans are flexible by nature. Thus, wild orchids feel no distinct categorization in which to feel uncomfortable or to move uncomfortably. It’s beyond.

In this immense erotic freedom, there may be less drive to change outward gender. Such gender is natural. One may take it as a base and feel free to live with it in whatever way ― no need also materially to change it. Here too, there is no need for frustration. It is the freedom itself that makes one accept the situation.

Eventually, this is about everybody.

The human being is principally a wild orchid. One can be molded one way or another. Even ‘deeply feeling that one is of such or such gender inside’ is the result of such molding.

Wild orchids know that in the most profound depth, the choice is open.

Always of astounding beauty.

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