Strong Love

November 9, 2021 Love & Relationship No Comments

To be loving, but not in a weak way.

Not Mr. Nice Guy.

To love without pampering too much.

To be there and to dare.

To ask for sure

and to be able to give a lot.

No comfortable numbness

unless on Sunday ― sometimes.

To influence, to create remembrance.

To be a stronghold for those in need ― always.

To be physically and mentally strong according to age

and gender.

No bully ― ever.

To be ready when readiness is called for

even with life at stake

not for things but for people.

To be able to say Goodbye and live well.

To be happy for the sake of the past

being able to decide for the future.

To rise and fall and still go on and on

and still go on as long as there is something

out of love.

One person, one goal.

One strength.

One love


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